Friday, October 25, 2013


Here is one of the items I have been working on lately.  It is all my own design.  I have not written it down.  I guess I should do that.  Not that I will ever make another one like it.  I started out with a granny square, and deviated a little bit.  I got bored and in my boredom, I created other rows to give it some interest.  It is a one of a kind blanket. 

This one will be lap size only, I am not going bigger.  Pretty much the red will have 4 rows and then I will finish it off with a dark blue edging.  Probably single crochet.  Nothing fancy. 

The yarn used in this blanket is Willow Wash, 100% acrylic.  I know, I have said time and again that I hate acrylic but, this stuff is amazing.  Yep, I am saying it.  It is soft and doesn't make my fingers peel like other acrylics out there.  You know the one I am talking about.  It is harsh, it is nasty and it is cheaper. 

I have to fight the cats and the dogs away from my blanket.  They are thinking it is theirs.  No, it is mine! 

This one has been fun.  After I finish it, I have plans to work on more socks.  I am currently working on a new pattern and it is fun but, the yarn does not do it justice.  I will have to change to a solid colored yarn to show the pattern off.  I have plenty of sock yarn so, this isn't a problem at all. 

One good thing about being a knitter and crocheter, I will be warm.  My family and friends will be warm. 

I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful weekend. 

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