Tuesday, October 1, 2013

What a Day!

I should have known sleeping in today would cause some sort of freak reaction to my day.  I woke up around 10:30 am which is late for me these days and managed to miss breakfast but, not lunch.  Hubby took me out for Chinese today.  We get home, I decided to go ahead and get the oil changed on my car.  I grabbed my knitting bag just in case there was a line. 

I get there, no line, I am the first car up for an oil change.  Great!  I go to the counter and tell them about the leaking left front tire, would they take care of that, too?  Sure no problem, they would deal with it.  So, I am sitting there knitting and it is hot in the place.  The service manager comes out and tells me that my tires need rotating, they are past due on this...okay go ahead and do it.  So, in walks another woman who wants her oil drained and she is complaining because there are other people in front of her.  So, she starts making phone calls on her cell phone and screaming at someone on the other end in Spanish, the headaches started.  I am trying to be polite and not say anything but, my patience is wearing thin and I gave her a look, she gets up and goes outside with her phone.  Yay! 

So, I am still sitting there working on my current charity knitting project, a hat.  In walks a man who wants his oil changed and his car inspected.  He finds out there is an hour wait.  He isn't happy but realizes that there are several more people ahead of him, he doesn't have a problem with that.  He sits down and starts reading the newspaper.  I am still knitting away, and he asks me what is going on with them today.  I said, well, I am there for my oil to be changed and now I am up to tire rotation.  They finally get to the rude woman's vehicle and they come walking in with her air filter...uh, you know those are supposed to be changed?  Right?  The one off of her truck is thick and black with gunk.  Even the technician is holding it with one hand in horror.  No idea how in the world the thing runs.  I am surprised it can make it out of her driveway.  She tells him to put it back in, the truck runs fine.  How?  So, he explains how she needs a new one.  The sad thing is the air filter was a K&N and they aren't cheap but, she ruined hers.  I guess whomever she bought the truck from never told her what they used for an air filter. 

I looked on line today to see how much it would cost to put a K&N on my car.  $63.99.  It has to wait until I can afford to buy one.  Maybe next pay check.  They are so worth it.  We have one on the Aurora and it is the best thing in the world.  I bought that one.  We have recharged it twice.  Once after a sand storm coming out of San Antonio one weekend, the winds were so high, they were blowing the dirt out of a field onto the interstate.  So, we had to recharge the filter.  We also recharged it when the car hit 100,000 miles. 

So, I finally managed to get my car back and I get a call, they forgot to put the engine cover back on my car.  I had to go all of the way back.  Ugh!  So, by this time, I have a full blown migraine headache.  I decided to stop and pick up some grilled chicken for supper tonight since there is no freaking way that I am cooking at this point.  I stop and tell the girl behind the speaker that I want a 12 piece grilled meal.  She comes back with a 3 piece grilled meal.  No, that isn't what I said.  I told her what I wanted again and she came back with that damn same answer of three piece meal.  Finally I let her know that I would not be buying a damn thing from her since she couldn't get the order right.  I pulled out and I know she was pissed off but, she needs to realize if she can't listen to what I am saying, then I won't be giving them any sort of business.   I came home. 

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