Monday, October 21, 2013

House Cleaning Takes a Back Seat to Sock Knitting

Yesterday, I spent my day out at the hospice.  A family member doesn't have long and we are trying to spend as much time as possible with him.  So, instead of taking my knitting as I should have done, I spent the day trying to keep myself entertained and spending time with my family member.  Today, I am supposed to go sit with him again and this time, the knitting will be going along.  I have several projects going right now...what knitter doesn't?  I have to make an afghan for a friend's birthday.  I decided to go ahead and make one since she loves my work and she has been hinting how nice it would be to have one made by me. 

I have a new sock pattern that I am currently writing and working on.  I haven't decided if I should offer it up for free or to sell it.  There are so few good free sock patterns out there.  I know that people want to make money on their patterns but, it is really nice when someone offers up their sock patterns for free. 

I am still trying to work on charity knitting.  I found out the school has 1400 children and there is no way that I can knit for all of them.  I will have to start earlier next year on this project for those children.  I might even choose a new school to knit for next year.  I have to see about this.  There are so many needy children right now that it is very hard to pick and choose which group to send my knits to.  The ladies in the chapter are truly wonderful to help me out with this.  I love that about them so much. 

I managed to hurt myself, again.  Do not ask me how this one occurred.  I managed to pull either a groin muscle or the inside thigh muscle and walking is excruciating.  I have been hobbling along with it.  It sadly is getting worse.  My quad on my right leg is aching since it is having to take up the slack.  I noticed today it is creaking.  I sound like I am 80 instead of 43.  Hopefully, it will heal and I can get back to moving at my fast pace.  I can't stand walking slow, drives me up a wall. 

I have no idea when house cleaning is going to happen since I am out of the house and hurt.  I am going to have to hobble over to the area that needs attention and just plop down on my butt and work on it as best as I can.  I will have to drag myself around on the back end.  It works.  Sadly, it is the best that I can do right now. 

I am also about to start work on another charity project for disabled veterans.  I am racking up those community service hours.  I will be sewing wheel chair bags.  They are really cute patterns and the community service hours will be going to my DAR chapter.  Our chapter will have a lot of those hours this year.  The bags will go to the local VA. 

I have fabric galore so, this will work out nicely.  I need to start cutting out patterns and working on that in my copious spare time.  Ha!  I think that will be after midnight sometime. 

Yeah, I know that should be for sleep but, the way it is going, who needs sleep? 

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