Thursday, October 24, 2013

One Project Almost Complete! Yippee!

I have been crocheting away over here and I am almost finished with my item.  I can't tell you what it is since several people read this blog and they will find out what it is.  It is a surprise and it is a Christmas present.  Just know this, it is almost finished and then I get to start on something else.  I so can't wait. 

The sock is coming along and I have plans to try to finish it this weekend.  Notice, I said try.  I need to go visit my family member in hospice this weekend.  I was going to go today but, I was coughing last night and I woke up feeling lousy.  So, I have to stay away until I am feeling better. 

I wish the headache and nausea would go away.  Ugh!  I put boxes together today for the charity items and I have two large postal boxes ready to be mailed out.  I just need to take pictures of all of the items for the chapter scrapbook.  I also have more items coming in from the ladies at the next meeting. 

Next item on the agenda, wheel chair bags for veterans.  I have to start that project, soon.  I will need them completed by the next meeting.  These bags will go directly to the VA hospital here in Houston. 

Best part of those bags, they are community service hours.  I have 74 community service hours so far.  I am looking to get more. 

I also have a wedding present to create in the near future and the hubby is telling me to move the boxes off of the love seat.  I almost have one box completely cleaned out from the current project.  I can't wait until I am down that one box and then on to the next one. 

Woohoo!  Then I was perusing a yarn site and found a totally cute new afghan pattern.  I might need to order in yarn for that.  Just what the hubby wants to hear.  I have more sock yarn that needs to be knit up into socks.  I am thinking about this one sock yarn that is sitting on the couch.  I found it last night in my yarn stash, it is a blue mix that I painted last year.  I might need to make one of the nieces a pair of socks for her birthday.  I just need her shoe size. 

Back to work! 

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