Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fingerless Mitts...A Dirty Word

As everyone knows, I will knit for charity.  I have come to realize I hate knitting fingerless mitts.  I hate them.  I am tired of the same old pattern.  I started to change up on the needle sizes to make it more interesting.  It has done a little bit of newness but, I am sick of them. 

I am also knitting my hubby a pair of socks for Christmas...he knows about them.  I am using Elann's Sock it To Me Madrid color 67.  It is the blues, greens, blacks and brown sock yarn.  Why this particular yarn?  It has amazing abilities to repel carpet.  If you knit a softer sock yarn then you know what carpet can do to that will eat holes into it.  Yep, this is true. 

I asked him if he would love another pair of socks and he said yes.  The man has seriously cold feet in winter and sometimes in summer.  He likes to stick those cold eagles claws on me in the middle of the night.  Makes me crazy.  I get even with him in winter and do the same thing.  :) 

Last night I was working on another pair of charity mitts...I am on my 4th pair. I finished the third pair and started the 4th pair.  I am on the thumb portion of the 4th pair and when I finish it, I can cast on for the last one of the 4th pair and then finish up the thumb on the start of the 5th pair.  I had thrown them down in frustration and started knitting hats.  Now, I need to get them done and out the door next week. 

I let the lady who is expecting them that I should be mailing them out to her next week.  If you too would love to share your talent and would love to volunteer your time, please head on over to Ravelry and check out the Charity Knitting group and click on the link about the fingerless mitts.  She needs 200 pairs to fit girls between the ages of 13 and 18. 

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