Thursday, September 8, 2011

Smoke and Wild Fires!

We have so much smoke rolling through our subdivision right now...I can't go outside since I am an asthmatic.  As it is, I have a hideous sore throat, and I am run down.  Tonight, I had to clean my nebulizer and use it.  It helped some.  I have pics of the smoke moving through the place but, my camera is downstairs and I am not going down there until tomorrow.

Gary tells me he is starting to get congested from the poor air quality around here.  He had to run and get my prescriptions for me today.  He is a very good hubby.  I have been doing a lot of sleeping courtesy of this crap.  My sister woke me up around 11 am and wanted to know what I was up to...uh, sleeping.  I was snoozing on the couch and I haven't even had the energy to knit. 

Melinda is sick as well.  She was telling me her eyes are swollen shut from the crap air and she is also staying indoors, she and Maribeth are both asthmatics like me.  Always fun. 

The wild fires are down the road from me.  I am hoping that we won't have to evacuate because I really do not want to lose my house to flames.  No thank you.  I hope they get the fires under control and I pray that those poor people who have lost their homes and everything they own are able to get help. 

If you want to help us out, please donate to the American Red Cross and specify it for the Texas wild fires.  People have literally lost everything they own.  Some of them don't even have a change of clothes, they only have what they are wearing.  Please pray for rain for is so hot here that it is making it really difficult for the people out there fighting those fires. 

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