Thursday, September 15, 2011

Well...Ain't That a Kick in the Pants

I was talking to one of my sisters today and found out that our lovely President has done another one...did you know that he approved FEMA for only the Bastrop, Texas fires but, the rest of the state can go hang?  What about those poor souls down the road from me?  They can't get FEMA even though, they too have lost their homes.  What about them?  If you are going to give relief to some, you need to give relief to the others, it is only right.  I guess that pretty much sums up how this administration is run...half assed. 

Pictures of the smoke as it billows across my view.  Notice what looks like fog in the background...that is smoke from the fires in Waller County. 

Several people were able to get back to see what is left of their homes and the pictures are pretty grim, not much left, just rubble.  One subdivision is still off limits since the fire is still smoldering.  Some of the areas managed to relight themselves from the charcoal because the wind changed directions. 

We were very lucky and did not have to evacuate at all.  One of my nieces had to evacuate her apartment complex in West Houston courtesy of another wild fire that broke out.  She returned home and was lucky, their apartment complex was saved with no damage and no fire around them. 

Please pray that Texas gets rain and soon.  We are in desperate need of it. 

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