Thursday, September 29, 2011

Taking a Break

I am taking a break today from knitting mitts.  I have to get away from them or I am going to snap.  I have two mitts that need partners.  I have to admit, I threw them down once before and well...that little purple mitt needs a thumb and his partner.  The blue mitt is finished but, he needs his partner.  I was thinking of starting the last mitt color and leaving it there with the other two. So, when this happens, I need a day away from the things. 

I picked up the hubby's sock and I am slowly working on it.  Why ask...well, I am using size US 2 needles and they aren't fast with this particular yarn I am working with.  Skinny yarn, skinny needles.  Seriously slow. 

I dropped the bombshell the other day when I mentioned I was going to knit myself a sweater this year.  Hubby's head swiveled around thinking I had lost my mind.  Nope...I am going to do it.  I will get past my hatred of sleeves to make myself something warm and lasting.  Sweaters aren't cheap and they are cheaply made.  Are you sick of paying astronomical prices for crap?  I am. 

I have the yarn stash to pull it off over here so, I can make myself a nice sweater and yes, it will be expensive but, the yarn is already paid for.  :)  That is the wonderful thing about having such an extensive yarn stash. 

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