Friday, September 16, 2011 is Friday!

I am so glad that today is Friday.  I love Fridays, I was even born on a Friday.  That explains so much.  :)  Last night, I came home from my meeting and I was a little short of a voice.  I had talked so much to the ladies of the chapter and with this crap really does suck, my voice was about gone when I made it home. 

On my way home, I decided to pop Stewie up to 80 on the freeway, I wanted to just drive and do it as fast as possible within legal means when I saw him....Damn damn damn.  I had to hit the breaks because there was a DPS officer sitting on the side of the damn road on the downhill side of the over pass.  Thankfully, the guy in the next lane was a speeder as well and we both hit the brakes at different enough times to interrupt the radar.  So, I was spared, again.  I know my big ass ticket is coming one of these days.  Hopefully, not around the corner any time soon. 

I will have to be careful and do the speed limit.  sigh! 

I woke up early after going to bed at a reasonable time.  No 4 am last night.  So, I woke up at 5:38 am after Gary was fighting someone in his sleep.  He woke me up bouncing around in his quest to kill whatever person he was fighting with.  Scared the crap out of me.  I had to turn on the light to look to make sure he was okay.  He was snoring away over there.  So, I got up and let the dogs out for their early morning constitutional.  They needed it.  I stayed up and made my breakfast, turned on the tv and watched some old movie that was on and Gary came down the stairs around 7 am.  He watched it with me and then came upstairs to start his work day.  He telecommutes. 

I was working on my lust socks and then I started a toddler sock. It will be for the KRHF.  If I can finish it.  I am running out of steam on making stuff for this thing.  Sad but, true. 

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