Friday, January 20, 2012

Life's Little Lessons

Today was  the trip to see the dietician, she and I had a long talk about my bad eating habits.  Did you know I am a fat and sugar junkie?  Yep, I love butter, I love milk, I love fried foods.  Bring it on.  I also love cake.  This is my downfall, I am so aware of it.  I have food charts for items I can eat and guess what, I get to eat mini bagels, I get the multigrain ones and I can have part of a blueberry bagel, my faves.  She also gave me a sample of ideal, a xylitol product to replace sugar. 

I am supposed to avoid stress.  No more stress for me since it raises blood sugar.  I can understand that one.  No more 2% milk, either.  Well dang, what am I supposed to drink?  Skim milk.  Okay.  I have to learn to balance my fats, my carbs, and my proteins.  She pretty much let me know that if I lose the weight, I can get off of the meds.  Oh, wouldn't that be exciting?  I am so ready for that. 

I have noticed that my sugar has gone up recently and I think I know what the culprit will be staying out of my diet for a while just to see if it is the problem.  I think it is.  My sugar as a whole is pretty good.  So, that is one good thing I have going for me. 

I am in need of a nap, I haven't been sleeping well lately and I can tell you, I can really feel it.  I want to put on my tennis shoes, grab the ipod and hit the streets on my bicycle.  If I don't get to ride my bike then the exercise bike will work for me. 

I am knitting again.  I have a mitt that I am working on, it is one of my patterns that I wrote and I am thinking of entering it into a contest.  More on that later. 

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