Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What a Crock

My new socks that I had knit for myself were supposed to be machine washable.  What a freaking lie that was.  I washed them in the machine with some reservations, I should have known it wouldn't work.  The socks felted just a bit.  So, I pulled them out and put them on the sock blockers.  I will be hand washing them from now on. 

Today I rode my exercise bicycle since it has been raining here.  I have an appointment with the dietician this Friday so, this should help me out.  I get to find out what I can or can't eat.  I had some soup today and gave the other half of the can to the doggies.  They love getting free hand outs. 

I have plans to work on some new outfits for my niece, Maribeth.  I have the fabric for her new outfits.  I just have to cut out the patterns and get to work on them.  I think the pattern that I chose for the first outfits are going to be really cute.  These will be for summer. 

My Aunt Cecilia always made outfits for us when we were kids and I want to keep the tradition alive.  They were great play clothes.  I want Maribeth to known how much fun hand made clothes can be.

 I have plans to knit some more socks for myself.  I have some really nice yarn that I have been wanting to use for ages.  There is some nice yarn sitting on my desk that screams the '80's.  I can't wait to wind it into a ball and use it.  I noticed the other day when I was shopping for two of my nieces that the electric colors are coming back into fashion.  Awesome.

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