Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Time to Sit and Knit

Yesterday was an off day for me.  I wasn't feeling all that well. I did find the time to sit and knit.  I sat down, did the heel flap with my 2 inch heel and then did the turn on it.  I am past the gusset and onto the foot.  The yarn is okay at this point, I can't stand the way it splits. I am using the Elann Dankai.  It is that self striping yarn in the big color changes.  I have several more skeins of it but, I will work around the splitting issues to knit myself more pairs of socks. 

Another thing I read about diabetes, foot care.  Oh boy.  I have to constantly wear socks or shoes around so, I don't damage my feet in any way.  I guess it is a great thing that I live to knit socks.  I will be wearing a lot of them.  I find my wool socks are more comfy than cotton socks.  :)  Right now, I have on a blend of cotton and wool which are pretty comfy.  I have to wash yesterday's socks in the sink and let them dry.  Gary did mention his wool socks need washing, like I don't have enough on my plate right now.  He can haul his butt into the laundry room and throw them in the washer just as easy as I can.  I made him the superwash/nylon socks.  I know, I am a smart lady. 

I want to finish my current sock and start another one.  I have some gorgeous yarns that I have been looking at for some time now.  I just need to wind them into center pull balls from the hank.  I have so much sock yarn around here it isn't funny.  My resolution is to use my stash yarn as much as possible this year and see how many bins I can go through.  I think it is a good way to use what I have and save money at the same time. 

Another thing about sock yarn, it can be used for other things like shawls.  Sock yarn makes beautiful shawls.  I have one started in a lace weight but, I thinking of changing to a sock yarn for faster delivery of the item.  I have the yarn sitting on my desk right now and I am thinking it will work out nicely.  :) 

I also want to complete several hats that people in the family need for winter.  I know, I am late doing this but, I have to find time for these projects.  Life is complicated and I knit when I can.  I have one family group taken care of.  I have to work on the next set in the family line up.  When all is said and done, they will all have hats and I can sit back and relax.  I know several of them have expressed more interest in socks but, I am to the point that if you can knit, you too can learn to knit socks.  This means my sister, Melinda.  I think now is the time for her to learn.  She does knit beautifully on straight needles and tells me she hates circulars.  I can't understand that one.  Circular needles are great for holding big projects.  I guess she doesn't realize it. 

Oh well....time for glucose testing and my breakfast of eggs and bacon.  Yummy. 

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