Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

I have been remiss in posting but, I have been learning a few things about myself this whole time.  I have learned that yes, I can live without bread and flour.  It was tough at first but, I am getting pretty good at having a normal life without it.  I also found out cheese is a good thing.  I love cheese so this isn't a problem.  I have found a yogurt that works well with my diabetes, it is skyr.  Thick stuff and I can get used to the no sugar in it, it has agave nectar.  I found that if I take a clementine and run it around the cup, it is just down right fabulous. 

I am slowly working on the second sock and I have realized something, when they say to use a 2.75 inch heel flap, why?  I have found that 2 inches works damn good on my foot.  It fits much nicer and the heel doesn't bag which makes me insane. 

I had a glucerna shake for breakfast this morning, hopped onto my bicycle and added some distance to my route.  I was told it was warm this morning by the hubby, what a lie, it was freaking cold and I was trucking.  I have my gear ratio set at 2 with a gear of 6 on the bike.  I even ordered in a basket for my mountain bike.  I have been using Gary's big ipod since mine needs to be uploaded and he has all of the songs on it that I like.  Today I rode to Poison. Yesterday, I rode to OMD.  I have a little bag that fits on my handle bars but, it won't hold water or coconut water.  It does hold my garage door opener and the ipod quite nicely. 

My sugar levels are coming down.  Today I was actually at 129 which isn't good for resting but, when I started this whole mess 2 weeks ago, I was at 289.  I was in sad shape.  I felt completely awful.  Now, I am really feeling wonderful.  I haven't had my snack yet but, I will grab a clementine and that should help.  I love celery and it is fabulous with peanut butter.  Hummus is another great snack for me to have.  I have Wassa crackers which does have whole grain but, very low carbs which works great for me.  Today for lunch we went and had Mexican food which would normally be bad but, the local place has added healthy cooking to the menu, which I love.  I had the grilled fajita steak with the green beans, salad, and whole kernel corn.  I had a few chips with the green salsa and that was it.  Water was my drink. 

Today I am cleaning out my refrigerator and freezer.  My niece, Meagan and her husband are getting all of the old good foods that I can't eat anymore.  The gelato, the ice cream, the prepackaged meals, etc.  She is going to be living high on the hog for a while.  She appreciates it since they are newly weds and paying off college loans, and it is rough for them right now.  When she told me they couldn't afford lettuce, I knew it was bad.  So, I went ahead the last time she was here and gave her some fresh lettuce out of my garden.  She also received some lemons.  I need to go pick some more for her and send her home with some. 

Gary is smoking ribs for dinner, and I am going to boil some cabbage, fix that can of black eyed peas, and maybe even cook some butternut squash for dinner.  It should be good. 

My resolution this year besides getting my blood sugar under control, losing weight, yadda to get my life back on the right track.  Knit more things, paint more yarns, teach people my craft and hopefully, get better at sewing.  :) 

I have yarn left in the shop and until it is gone, I won't be adding more.  I have one skein waiting for a customer to purchase it and the other two are waiting for someone to buy them.  I might even give someone an incredible deal on them.  I don't want to pay taxes on those skeins of yarn. 

I found an incredible grilled chicken salad down at El Rey on Hwy 6 near West Road, it has the usual greens, pico de gallo, grilled zuchini, grilled squash, grilled red pepper, tomatoes, avocado, and mango chunks on it.  I get the cilantro lime dressing, it is beyond fabulous.  I have had it for two days in a row.  The hubby was sick of it so, we had the Mexican food for lunch. 

Have a wonderful start to your new year and I hope it is a healthy, happy, and prosperous one for each and every one of you. 

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