Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Rawhide Wars

The boys are fighting over their rawhides.  It goes on constantly around here, think teenagers and one car and it is pretty much what is happening over here.  The youngest thinks he can do what he wants and the two older boys put him in his place.  He needs it.  He is cute but, such a little brat. 

I am waiting to hear how my sister is doing, she had to have surgery today.  So far no word.  We are all waiting to hear how she is doing.  We will miss her on Thursday night.  I am used to having my Vice Regent sitting next to me making sure I bring up everything that needs taking care of. 

Gary took me out for lunch today.  It was good.  Then we hit the store for some chocolates.  He gave me a card and some chocolates with caramel and nuts.  He knows what I like.  :) 

Today I did some beading and I am still taking it easy since my lungs are still full of mucus.  It is coming around.  I hate getting sick, it takes me longer now to heal than it did before. 

I will say this, my blood sugar is coming down.  Woohoo! 

I washed clothes yesterday and that took me all day.  I hadn't washed in two weeks so, I had to finish it this time around.  I was folding clothes until 10:45 pm last night. 

Saturday is my niece, Kate's birthday party, she is going to be 20.  I bought her some chocolates for Valentine's day.  She let me know she hates Valentine's day, only because she is without a boyfriend right now.  I told her that she is beautiful and won't have a problem being found by another guy.  Now he has to treat her as well as Gary treats me and it will be cool.  If she is like me, she will be in for a lot of heart ache since I liked the bad boys.  I married a nice guy.  I wised up, it just took me a while to figure it out.  :) 

I am waiting for Gary's present to hit the door, or at least part of his Valentine's present.  I have to get the other half tomorrow.  He knows what that item is so, he is happy about it. 

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