Monday, February 13, 2012


I know it has been a while since I have posted.  Many things are happening in my life right now.  I have the flu or what remains of this viscious crap.  I can't believe how draining it truly is  I haven't felt this bad in a long time.  I picked it up at a amusement center.  I came home feeling truly drained and lousy.  I woke up the next day with a sore throat and it went downhill from there. 

Today I woke up feeling better but, still dealing with it.  I am washing clothes right now and after watching a show on tattoos, I decided you know what, my life is a whole lot better than these people with their petty bickering.  Then I saw that my shoe of the month club charged me for shoes I did not buy, that was the be all end all of my day.  I got on the phone and let them know they better refund it or I was sicking the bank on them.  I cancelled my membership. 

I don't know how you do business but, I don't do business that way. 

My Psycho cat actually let me pet her.  Oh boy.  She normally hisses and runs away, maybe she thinks with me sick, she will have a chance to eat me if I happen to keel over and I am a big chunk of change so, she can eat for a couple of weeks. 

Speaking of weight, I have lost 21 pounds!  Woohoo!  Time to go celebrate with some sugar free ice cream.  It tastes pretty good.  When you can't have much of anything, it tastes damn good.  I am so excited because Gary bought me some pancake mix for diabetics.  You have no idea how much it has been killing me not to have pancakes.  I have also been wanting a doughnut so badly.  I need to lose more weight and then I am going to have that damn doughnut.  I need to become a prediabetic so, I can have some regular junk food in the future.  Nothing too major all of the time, just little treats for myself that are normal.  I do have to say that I don't want to get back on the major sugar was such a bitch getting off of it. 

I saw the Dunkin Doughnuts commercial and nearly fell over...that damn chocolate covered creme filled doughnut with the nuts on top....I was almost in a coma when I saw it.  Hey, I could use one of those about now.  What a thing to show a diabetic.  I know they weren't marketing it directly at just me but the whole nation but, you know, it felt like I was the target individual and it was just killing me.  I wanted to go run up to the tv screen and lick that sucker!  Can you just imagine lick-o-vision!  My tv would be looking pretty raunchy after that little invention. 

I am working on crocheting a stash-ghan.  What is that you ask?  A stash afghan.  I am trying to use up my stash yarns on something warm.  This thing is freaking huge.  I decided since I have no energy for anything, I would go ahead and make something to keep me warm.  Our downstairs is so damn cold, courtesy of the fireplace that doesn't work so great, it is just a sucking hole in the wall, the gas logs pretty much suck.  The heat goes straight up the chimney.  It doesn't warm the room, it just eats natural gas and our bill is through the roof with the damn thing. 

We stopped using it.  It is completely awful. 

So, that is all that is happening with me.  I still don't want to work, no energy for it.  Tonight I am making tacos.  I thought it would be a nice change of pace.  :)  It should be rather tasty.  Gary is sick since I gave him my germs, I told him I would go sleep in the guest bedroom but, he said no.  He doesn't have the flu, he has something else entirely.  We are a pair. 

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