Monday, February 27, 2012


Yesterday was busy for me and the hubby.  We woke up early, loaded up the car, headed out for breakfast, then rolled down the road towards my sister's house.  We stopped at the bank, got some cash, and met my sister in the parking lot.  We followed her to Hallettsville, Texas for the Down Syndrome Foundation of South Texas Buddy Walk. 

Unbeknownst to me, I had forgotten my test strips at home, I swear I had put them in my zippy pouch.  Nope.  So, I had to stop off at wally world and purchase some.  Still pricey even though they are out of town. 

Then we headed to the city park where the walk was being held.  It was fun.  We did the 1/2 mile route and then we went to get some weiners for the weinie roast we were invited to.  I stopped off at the cemetery to put flowers on my parents' graves, my Aunt Melie's grave, and my great Grand parents' graves.  I need to buy more flowers, make another trip down there and put flowers on several more graves.  I just didn't have the time yesterday or the flowers. 

We made it to my sister's place and we waited around for everyone to get back to the house from the walk and the grocery store. 

We had fun at the weinie roast and we came home with fresh bacon, a huge fresh head of cauliflower, and two heads of fresh cabbage out of their garden.  They wanted us to take broccoli home with us but, we have that market cornered over here.  No more is needed.  We left them some clementines that I had taken with us.  I figure it was a nice exchange. 

Then we left and headed home.  I drove while Gary slept in the passenger seat.  He sleeps most of the time when I am driving long distances in my little car. We hit Katy with the gas gauge below a 1/4 tank and so, I stopped to fill the car up...$40.81 later and my car was filled up.  He has a 13 gallon tank so, you do the math and I put in 10 gallons. 

Tonight we are having brisket with fresh coleslaw.  It should be tasty.  I will have to get it in the oven early so, it will be ready by the time 5 pm rolls around. 

I am washing clothes since it is Monday and I really want to finish them so, I can go sit on my butt and knit an ear flap hat.  My niece, Kelly needed a hat yesterday so, I left the one I was wearing with her.  She thought it was cute.  It is so nice to have my work appreciated.  :) 

I have yarn to wind out for the shop and more items to list.  Be patient with me as I am trying to get it all painted and ready for listing. 

I have no idea what we are having for lunch.  I just know that refried beans are evil and caused a major sugar spike for me yesterday morning.  It was a weird day for me where food was concerned.  Everything was late and I didn't get to test my blood sugar since I was out in an open field by a creek.  My purse was in my car, and I had to get a ride on a trailer to get down to the creek.  My car would have never made it back there since it is so low to the ground. 

After we made it home, I was dragging.  I crawled into bed and it didn't take long before I was out.  I didn't even care that I had cats sleeping at my feet. 

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