Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Learning Again

Yesterday I learned how to silk screen.  I had originally bought the Yudu machine a couple of years ago, big mistake since the directions are beyond vague, they are worse than stereo instructions.  So, I decided the time was right for me to try again.  It just down right vexxed me when I read anyone can do it.  Not with the Yudu directions. 

So, I ordered in the Jacquard screen printing kit with the book that has the right directions.  Yay!  Yesterday was my first attempt and it turned out pretty good, just not great but, I know what I did wrong and I have plans to fix it this week.  :) 

Right now, I am dealing with a cold.  A lousy cold that I happened to catch at the Downs Syndrome Buddy Walk.  I have been suffering for 2 long weeks and last night, I was able to sleep the night through.  I have had high sugar readings since I had to put myself back onto the corticosteroid inhaler to help me get this crap out of my chest.  I do not want another bout of pneumonia.  I hate that stuff, it is beyond miserable. 

Today I am going to go check my blood sugar, and then see how I feel after lunch.  I would love to go hit the fabric store.  I am wanting a new sewing maching since my machine has severe issues and I think it did well for a beginner but, now that I am advancing by leaps and bounds, I want a new one, something with decorative stitches on it.  I have my eye on two machines and I can't decide which one I want.  Gary will be the final decision maker since he will be the purchaser. 

It sounds like Gary has the crappy cold I have.  We share everything around here.  sigh. 

Now off to the races...

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