Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sock Yarn into Lace

Right now I am currently working with the middle picture and the last picture yarn.  The top one is finished, I just have to take the time to block it.  My blocking board is massive and so, I figure, I will get a bunch of items and do one blocking session.  I even have blocking wires that I found on sale some place. 
  All of the yarn being used came out of my yarn stash.  I am going cold turkey on buying yarn for the moment since I have so much of it.  I have plastic bins of yarn in every room in my home.  It is time to use it. 
  Sock yarn is my passion so, I have some serious yarn in these bins.  These two yarns were painted by me.  The top yarn is pea hen in merino/silk sock.  The bottom yarn is also a merino/silk sock yarn but, for the life of me, I can't remember what I named it and the ball band is gone.  No telling what it is called, I just know it is unusual and should make an outstand piece of lace work. 
  I am working on a pattern called One Ball Shawl by Red Heart and it was free.  If you check out their website you will see they have free patterns.  I never knew this until I was reading a ball band yesterday while digging through my sock yarn stash.  I have some RH sock yarn.  It is okay to work with and I do not use acrylic since it makes my fingers peel. 
  Now for this particular pattern, it is screwy.  I had to read it through 3 times and I am still having issues with it.  It is poorly written and no chart was included.  Usually if you can't figure out the directions, you can look at the chart and figure out what is going on.  Not this time.  I am looking at the picture they provided and it looks like their picture so far.  I guess I will figure it out as I get more into the pattern.  Let's hope it keeps looking like their picture. 
  I am using a size 4 needle by Susan Bates, it is a silvalume, and let me rate this needle for you...fabulous.  It has the best point on it, perfect for those intricate lace stitches and those K3tog where some needles just do not get under that middle stitch and everything drops off of the needle and you end up scrambling to get that stitch back on the needles.  It is cheap as well for those of you who need to watch your budget, this will work for you.  I have expensive knitting needles that work well for a knitter like me, I am constantly working on something and I do knit professionally at times so, I have to have needles that will hold up to it all.  This needle has some scratching on the barrel from all of the work I have used it for.  That is the down side and it catches the yarn at that point.  But, you have to realize it is an inexpensive needle that will work for any budget. 
  I have other projects that I want to work on before I do them, I really want to get my lace game on.  I have some gorgeous lace weight yarns that I would love to use to make really fantastic shawls with.  I just need more practice with lace weight yarn.  If you are used to working with worsted and trying to knit with sock yarn for the first time, I remember that incursion, it was difficult trying to get my fingers to cooperate with me with that smaller yarn.  Now, I am a sock knitting fiend and I love the sock yarns.  I have paid dearly in price for some of the yarns I now own.  I took up painting yarns when I couldn't find the color combos I thought would be fantastic.  So, now you know why I paint.    Now it has become an obsession in finding the right color combination and I get my inspirations from my garden. 
  Nature is so amazing with the colors that are used.  Some are truly garish and others are amazing.  Look around you, there is an incredible palette in our world. 
  Now, I get to go outside and fill up my car tires.  I found out that I have a low pressure tire light.  It is on constantly since I apparently am an idiot when it comes to tires.  Who knew?  I have to take care of it, again.  My luck, I will be getting tires for my birthday like another knitter I know.  Poor Kathy. 
  I want a Janome sewing machine for my birthday.  I am the owner of a Singer and it sucks.  I have mastered it and need to move to a better machine.  It won't do what I want it to do and besides that fact, it squeaks like a MOFO.  I oil it and it still squeaks and that hammering it does as it sews...makes me crazy!  I have put this on my wish list for my darling hubby.  We have discussed it. 

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