Sunday, March 11, 2012

Bashful Stellina Lace


This is my current project.  I am knitting a Heart Strings Pattern, called V-Start Neck Kerchief Scarf.  I saw it, fell in love with it and bought it.  I am using one of my new hand painted stellina lace yarns for this project.  I chose to use bashful since it was totally unique. 

I am using a size US 3 knitting needle for the project, my US 4's were busy with another project so, I decided going down one needle size wouldn't hurt.  So far, no problems at all.  I do like how well the yarn is working.  It is a very nice lace weight yarn. 
I am on chart C right now on row 9.  It is moving along quite nicely.  I figure if this one turns out well, it might make a great present or two for family members.  The best part of this project, it only takes 150 yards of lace weight yarn.  I might dig out some of my sock yarns and see how well they will knit up with this pattern. 
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