Thursday, March 22, 2012

Raise Your Hand if You Have Knitting ADD...Me, Me!

I am in a quandry over here.  I started a shawl with that sock yarn, I frogged that sucker today since I could not see the pattern at all.  What is the point of continuing if you can't make it out?  Then I cast on for another project and immediately ripped it apart, the yarn wasn't what I wanted.  So, I went ahead and cast on again but, this time I chose Lana Grossa Toccata, I believe it is discontinued.  I bought it cheap many moons ago and the purpose of my new exercise in knitting is to use stash yarn.  Not sure if I am happy with how it is working out right now.  I might go digging around in the stash in the guest bedroom to see if I can find a different yarn and cast on again.  I might even change patterns.  I am working on the porcupine stitch, it is really cool looking.  Pictures later when I can find the time to drag my camera down stairs. 

I might even have to make a trip to the craft store to buy a needle with a seriously sharp point, I am using Addi turbos and the tip isn't sharp enough for me and this project.  Trying to do a P3tog with these needles is about to make me insane.  Several choice words were said and I persevered.  I didn't throw it across the room.  I decided to work the item in question out of cotton since it can be worn over the summer over a tank top.  If it works out right, I will be making one for me.  I am knitting a shrug.  So easy and simple, if you can knit, you too can make one.  It is amazing how simple they are. 
I am surrounded by sick people and me being me, I think I caught something, again.  Totally worn out, sore throat, cough, nausea, and one killer ear ache.  If I feel worse in the morning, I am packing my butt off to the doctor. 

The lady who requested the custom yarn said that she loves it.  She was asking for a good sock pattern for the yarn, I let her know the one that would most definitely work for it.  I hope she makes that pattern and sends me a pic.  I would love to see how beautiful the yarn is in that pattern.  :) 

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