Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I am knitting all day every day right now, it is working to help me cope with the unexpected loss of my friend, Glynda.  She passed away suddenly on Sunday.  It has been a terrible shocker for me and for everyone who knew her.  I find myself knitting on things I normally wouldn't even try.  I have been knitting lace, I even went and found more lace items to work on.  I have two finished pieces and I am working on a third. 

I have been digging in my sock yarn stash to find what I can and use it.  I am happy that I haven't bought any yarn for my projects.

I realized today what is happening and this constant need to knit, it is for the loss of my friend, knitting is my solace, it helps me work through hard times, it provides me with patience and it also comforts me in times of need. 

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