Thursday, February 16, 2012

What in the World is Going On?

My day started absolutely wonderful and has slid into a pit of misery already.  I hope it gets better.  I woke up to the phone ringing, I was having a weird dream so, that didn't bother me too much.  I get up and get myself ready to face the day, the blood sugar was fabulous.  I love those mornings when my body is cooperating with me. 

I heard from a customer who wanted a custom painted skein of Witch Hazel, the yarn I hate already since I have painted so many skeins of it.  I am sick of the colors.  I decided to go ahead and rewind her skein.  The damn skein had a mind of it's own and I was forced to cut it.  So, I had to repaint the damn yarn.  I have a new skein sitting on my back porch hoping it will dry even though, we are expecting more rain in the forecast.  Oh lovely.  So, I am hoping she will love the yarn. 

I kept dropping everything within my grasp so, I am not happy about that.  I have a meeting tonight and several people have let me know they won't be there.  Well, okay.  One of them is my sister but, she has a great excuse, she is the one who just had surgery.  I didn't expect her to come tonight. 

She is doing well by the way, thank you to everyone who said a prayer for her.  :) 

One of my nieces is turning 20 this weekend and we are headed to her party.  I have already given her her gift.  She has a new purse, shoes, and clothes as her gift.  She loved it all.  I also want to make her something but, since I have had the flu, nothing has been happening over here.  I am still dealing with the last bit of it. 

I just listed some of my hand painted Peruvian Highland wool yarn.  I love this yarn, it is my go to yarn for hats and mittens and it holds up quite nicely.  It knits up very well. 

I just want to come home after this meeting and kick back with my honey.  He gave me my flowers last night for Valentine's day, they are just gorgeous and the huge vase of roses and star gazer lilies came with a teddy bear.  It is a massive flower arrangement.  He did well.  I even let him know how well he did.  He is a great and wonderful husband.  I will have to take pictures of it so, I can show it off.

I have my candy and I eat one piece a day.  I don't want to get back on the sugar wagon because it is so hard to kick that habit. 

I need a nap and it is almost time to get myself ready for my meeting.  I wish I had more time in a day to take care of it all.  Oh well, this will be the last meeting until April's wonderful meeting with two different speakers.  I am doing women's issues for April and we have two fabulous ladies speaking to the chapter.  One of them is one of our Junior's and the other is originally from Africa and she is speaking to the ladies about empowerment.  I can't wait because it is going to be so fabulous. 

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