Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Of All the Freaking...

Yesterday I made a custom necklace for a teacher.  It took three tries on the damn thing since it kept breaking, inferior crimp beads.  Never buy them on sale, they are not good ones.  So, today I get a call, the damn thing broke again and could I redo it?  Yes.  I stand behind my work.  I just finished a bracelet to match that necklace.  I hope it fits her.  I used the best crimp beads I own. 

I am finished with the pink shawl.  It is on the blocking board and my camera is on the charger right now so, I will get the pics on this thing sooner or later.  I started on a second shawl, this one is going to be out of pure silk in a lovely shade of lavendar.  I chose to do the Heartland Lace Shawl by Evelyn Clark. 

Nupps....I know many a knitter who despises them, I found a way to do them that is so simple and why didn't I ever think of it before?  I have no idea.  I had an epiphany whilest I was in the middle of them. 

I have to get my butt off of the couch and back into the pool today.  I admit it, I am lazy right now.  Mostly I am interested in knitting and nothing else.  No socks on my needles, I really don't want to knit them right now.  Lace holds my interest these days. 

Saturday we went out to the air show and saw some vintage War birds and a beautifully restored B-17.  I told my nephews that my Uncle flew on one in WWII, out of Great Britain on bombing runs over Germany.  They were awe struck over that little tidbit of news.  They are good boys and the youngest one was so excited to be out there at the airport seeing all of the planes.  He was skipping and telling me to hurry up.  He wanted me to get into the B-17 with him but, let's face it, I inherited my Dad's shoulders and I will not fit in one of those things. Small men will fit and small women and of course kids but, not me.  Sorry, I am built like a Czech.  As the joke in the family goes, we are built of damn good peasant stock.  Yep. 
Is anyone else ready for the weekend or is it just me?  I found out that my niece, who has the shingles is now in the hospital since she wouldn't heed my advice, she needs rest and since she didn't do what she was supposed to do, her doctor put her in the hospital for them.  They are nasty and you must rest or end up in the hospital with the damn things.  It is one of the most painful things to go through in life.  I have had them and they nearly dropped me.  I was flat on my back for a week with them and the pain is so unbearable.  The only thing that helped me was taking constant hot showers to aleviate the pain.  I would walk the house at night since I couldn't sleep from the things and I guzzled Gatorade like it was going out of style.  I will have to see how she is doing later on. 

Oh, I love my new sewing machine.  I was using it the other day and I am about to get started on sewing Maribeth's dress as soon as the shawl dries, the blocking board is on my kitchen table right now and that is where I sew.  I need to clean out my home and get rid of a bunch of stuff.  Thank goodness we have a garage sale this weekend to get rid of a bunch of junk.  I have a huge stack of crap going out the door this weekend. 

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