Thursday, April 5, 2012

Working on Bracelets

I have an order for 7 bracelets.  I am working today and the rest of the week until I finish them.  So far this is what I have made.  The top one will work great for someone with dark skin.  The second one, is purples, which I love and the last one is greens with some accents of purple.  I love the last one the best so far.  I have plenty of beads and these little items make fabulous gifts. 

In the knitting world I am working on a scarf for a friend.  It is one of those new web yarns that are really funky and fun to work with. 

I also have a shawl on my needles.  Lace is supposed to be really hot this year.  I am working on the swallowtail shawl by Evelyn Clark.  I can't remember if it is a freebie or if it was purchased.  I just know it is on my computer and I didn't feel like digging around in any book for a pattern.  I am using my sparkly yarn, the one with the silver stellina in it.  It is going to be awesome looking. 

I hope everyone has a beautiful Easter. 

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