Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Top two photos are the swallow tail shawl designed by Evelyn Clark.  The yarn I used was Elann's Maize Organica, I used a US 7 knitting needle for this project and used 6.5 skeins of yarn.  There is a week's worth of work in this project. 

I have started a new shawl and I am doing another Evelyn Clark and this one is Heartland.  She knit it originally in Buffalo Gold.  Since I am not a millionaire, I can't afford it.  I am using Colour Mart's pure silk in lilac steel and no, I didn't pay a fortune for it.  I am using a US 6 long shaft Addi turbo lace needle.  The pattern calls for 550 yards.  I think my cone has 500 yards on it and I have three cones so, that is not a problem at all.  The yarn still has the mill oil in it and will bloom when I wash and block it.  Several people on FB have said they love it and can't figure out the color of the yarn.  Well, it is a lilac and it is beautiful.  I am on the 1st repeat of the second chart.  I have to do 4 repeats of this particular chart before I move on to the last chart. 

The pink swallow tail is on my blocking board and I noticed I had missed one point so, I had to squirt it with the water bottle and pull the point out.  So, it will take a bit longer to dry than originally expected.  Maybe it will be ready on Thursday instead of tomorrow as I had thought in the beginning. 

Will I knit more lace projects?  Oh yeah, I am hooked.  I have the yarn stash for it as well.  I have been collecting yarn for about 11 years now.  Time to use some of it already. 

I even have my Christmas presents picked out to knit.  I am thinking of starting a Faroese shawl next and it will be a birthday present.  I chose the yarn out of the stash but, I am rethinking it.  I will dig around and see what yarn to use for it.  That is the great thing about having a huge yarn stash, there is a big quantity to choose from.  I don't have to settle. 

If you aren't a millionaire either, then check out ebay for yarns, elann, and colour mart.  I love elann since they have a credit system after you buy $500 in yarn.  You get a nice $50 credit and it helps when you are dirt poor and can't afford to buy yarn that you just have to have.  I love those credits, they are wonderful. 

I may be teaching someone to knit soon.  He expressed an interest in getting rid of his stress and he wants a hobby.  I said I would teach him to knit.  It is very relaxing.  We shall see if I have another convert.  :)

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