Monday, April 30, 2012

Household Chores and Back Yard Care

Yesterday we cleaned out the back yard and watered the garden.  We moved pots around along with the outdoor rug and the bistro set with the umbrella to the other side of the decking by the pool.  We had thrown out the old resin loungers who no one ever used.  It makes things easier to deal with with them gone.  Ody is sad since he slept on the things.  No one else would touch them. 

I had my breakfast outside like I do every morning now.  I didn't have a banana which is my usual breakfast these days, I had a nice cup of yogurt.  I need the calcium.  I soaked up some sun, and then I found my green bean seeds and planted them.  I watered them and the other pots that needed it.  Gary came out and wanted me to squirt down his bench he had redone for me.  He did a fantastic job.  It went from rusty to red with pale oak boards.  I love it.  Our next project is to repaint the blue bench and seal it with spar.  It needs it.  I love the blue bench that lives on the back porch.  He made it for me and he did a fantastic job of it.

We have to get the house in order for our annual 4th of July party.  I am thinking up the menu for it now.  I think we are going to do some ribs and the usual burgers and weenies.  This year we will have fresh veggies for our snacks since I am eating healthier.  I also want to do my usual ice cream sundae bar, it is the best thing under the sun for my guests, they all love it.  I just buy the neopolitan ice cream and put out several toppings, sauces, nuts and whipped cream out there and they can go as wild as they want with it.  Several people have asked if we are doing that again, and when I said, I didn't know, they said I must.  Well, okay if it is that popular then we will have it again.  It works out for us. 

I think I want to add fresh fruit to the mix as well.  I think it would be really refreshing between swimming to have some cold fruit to nibble on.  We are also serving our usual ice cold lemonade from the fruit off of the meyer lemon tree.  We have loads of juice in the freezer from that tree. 

Today is wash day over here and I want to go outside and just be a bum out in the sun.  I have to fix my pool cleaner today as he hasn't moved all night...the hose has issues and we pulled the new hose out of the deck box.  I have learned to have extra pool parts hanging around the place over the years of pool ownership.  I have parts for the filter, I have parts for the cleaner.  It makes sense to have these things to replace what breaks. I will be salvaging parts off of the hose for later fixes.  I know the back up system still works on the old hose and that sucker is expensive new.  I save for these emergencies. 

The shawl is on hold right now since I find that when I do sit down, I am so tired, I just veg in front of the tv and that is about it.  Or I fall asleep sitting up on the couch.  We are trying to get the place looking good.  I have let it go for too long now and it is getting out of hand.  Seriously..out of hand.  I want to get it clean and get my yarn organized.  I have way too much yarn around here and I am not buying any more right now.

I need to use up what I have.  That is my goal.  :) 


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