Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy May Day

I woke up this morning trying not to be stressed since me being stressed raises the blood sugar and for once, I would like to have a morning that is perfect.  Then it happened, I thought of an ex-boyfriend and it went downhill.  Don't ask me why the loser popped into my brain but, he did.  I thought of his selfishness and I pity the poor woman who actually married him and his philandering ways.  He was a big time cheater.  This is the guy who called me on his wedding day and wanted to get together, yes, that kind of loser! 

I decided I needed to go outside to have my breakfast.  I took my Glucerna shake and headed to the back yard and my dogs thought it was banana time.  Nope, sorry, not this morning, maybe tomorrow we can share a banana.  They love the things.  Then I realized it was May Day so, I would be good and get my chores done while it is cool out.  I went ahead and fertilized all the plants in the garden with my Algoflash...so amazing.  It is a fantastic product.  I fertilized the persimmon trees, the fig tree, and the lemon tree.  The strawberries were fertilized last week.  I decided to go ahead and clean out the skimmer basket on the pool pump so, I had to go back and unwind the hose from the reel and pull it back over there to prime the pump.  That is done.  I have to find the time to get the new clean filters in.  Maybe on Sunday.  It is time to soak the ones that are in the filter right now.  Pool ownership is not easy unless you have a cartridge filter, which I have.  I love it so much more than that DAMN DE one we had.  I hated it.  It was a bitch to prime and set.  No fond memories of the thing at all. 

That being taken care of, I was finished with my outside chores du jour.  I did notice that my little spring onions are coming up quite nicely in the cucumber pot.  Yippee!  I love green onions.  They are completely versatile to cook with. 

Now, I am working on cleaning off the dining room table.  All of the DAR stuff is going to my sister since she is the next Regent for the chapter.  I am getting all the papers filed and ready to go into the file folder holder.  It is already heavy with what I have collected.  Now, she will be getting to add to it for her term as Regent.  She gets two years whereas I had three since I am the organizing regent of the chapter.  I see why hardly anyone even organizes a chapter these days, it is a lot of hard work.  Serious work and like one of the ladies told me, it is like trying to heard cats.  She was so right. 

I thought about working on the shawl last night but, I was wiped out again.  I am thinking I need to get back to work on it and get it moving.  I am on the third repeat of the one section.  It requires 4 repeats so, that is something. 

Yesterday when I was outside doing my chores, I heard a rumbling and looked up to see the B-17 flying over head, this is the one I saw at the airshow.  It was so pretty flying overhead with an escort plane flying in formation behind it.  So cool.  I had to call my sister and tell her about it.  Her boys loved going through that plane at the airshow. 

I want to hit the pool today after I get my chores done.  I need to swim.  After fixing the hose problem last night, I saw that it was working well.  yay!  I didn't relish the thought of tearing down the pool cleaner itself.  It  has a bunch of small parts that are a pain in the ass to deal with.  So, I was quite excited when I saw that it was moving and the back up was working like it should.  I have to tear down the hose today that was in the pool and save the parts that still work.  We took the floats off of the line of the old hose and put them on the new one.  There is one swivel that is completely blown on the old one, it goes into the trash.  The others can be salvaged and used for parts. 

I also need to invest in another tub of skimmer sticks for the pool.  This year, I am going to do only 10 pounds at a time.  20 pounds goes rank really fast for me.  I ordered in 50 last year and one tub oxidized severely, it wasn't effective at all.  So, I know that this year, it will be better to just do 10 pounds at a time.  I love the skimmer sticks.  I get my minimum of chlorine and since I have the Nature 2 Express cartridge on the return pool line, it works out well.  I throw one stick into the skimmer basket on the wall and I am done for the week.  My pool is just gorgeous.  Not only does the water no longer stick of chlorine, it is softer.  No eye or skin burning these days.  I have also noticed that it is easier to balance as well. 

Best money I have spent in a long time on that pool.  :) 

Bootsy is in here with me laying on the floor at my feet.  He is getting old and I try to spend as much time with him as I can.  He is still a lizard killer.  He has been taking it easy more and more these days.  He is my sweetie.  This is the best dog I have ever had.  He loves my sister, and will lick her behind the knee every time he sees her.  I have no idea why.  He even peed on her leg that one day.  I guess he was marking his territory. 

Happy May Day to everyone! 

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