Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Freaking Car Repairs

Well, the hubby's car is in the shop being worked on.  It was either get it worked on or it wouldn't pass state inspection.  So, the shop called to tell us how much the first set of problems are costing, we said to go ahead and work on those.  Then the second set of problems had to have further diagnostics run so, we said yes, to those.  Well, it seems that it is going to cost a leg to have the second set worked on.  They are going to have to wait.  So, I told him that the repairs are going to cost more than the car is worth so, to prove me wrong, he got on a site and plugged in his information and nope, the car is still worth more than the repairs.  Don't you just love a smart assed husband? 

This morning was pool maintenance.  I found out why Ernie, Irwin's cousin, isn't working...a clogged up screen on the main line of the cleaner.  We fixed it.  It works really well now and then I checked chemicals...I had to add acid, which I knew was coming.  So, I let it run for an hour and then I went and checked it.  It is better.  It won't irritate my skin now. 

Saturday we are having a dinner for my birthday.  My birthday doesn't hit until Tuesday but, it is easier to have the party on the weekend.  We are doing dinner out and then we are having swimming and cake here.  It should be fun. 

We are having a staycation this year and he took off for the week of my birthday.  Something was mentioned about hitting SA for the day during the week.  I am not too inclined to travel right now.  I am a home body these days.  It costs so much to go someplace with the price of gas.  So, I guess we have to go to see his Mom.  I have her present sitting in my kitchen and it is so freaking big the price of postage is killer on it.  So, we need to give it to her. 

I was beading and finished two necklaces today.  One of them I was waiting for the beads to get here so, I could finish it.  I finally got my druks in so, it is done.  I will take pics of it when I find my camera, it is in my purse right now. 

I also finished a necklace that is mine.  I used a Murano glass bead that wasn't cheap and the necklace is centered around it.  I love how well it turned out.  I make necklaces for everyone and their dog but, I hardly make myself one.  So, now I have a gorgeous red one.

I need to check my blood sugar and then go for a nice swim.  We had tacos for lunch today.  I should have ordered the chips with the queso and then the tacos with it.  I love the hot sauces they have as well.  I am a fan of salsa as long as it is tasty.  Some of them out there are just plain nasty. 

I did manage to pick up my knitting needles last night and do 4 rows on the shawl.  I admit, it is slow going right now.  I have just been so damn tired these days.  I need to up my B-12 content, I think.  My meds I am on, kill it off.  Lovely. 

Just another thing to deal with.  I did drop 2 pounds from yesterday.  Every little bit counts. 

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