Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Damn, But it is Hot!

It seems we are in for a scorcher for a summer this year.  Yesterday, I was at the Houston Zoo as a chaperone for Maribeth's class and it was so hot out there that I drank 3 of my coconut waters, a bottle of water, plus some blue powerade mixed with my bottle of water.  It works for instant hydration.  I shared that concoction with Melinda and one of the kids we were chaperoning. 

We also rode the train.  We walked and walked in the heat.  I forgot my hat and had to purchase one, talk about highway robbery, it wasn't a cheap hat.  By the time we made it to the van, I was so tired, sticky, sweaty and just ready to get my booty home to a shower and scrub myself from head to toe. 

I woke up this morning and we headed out the door, I had my usual breakfast in the back yard and then we started off my day with a trip to pick up my asthma meds, go run some more errands, head to lunch and then get to Lowe's to purchase some sage plants to help the one tomato that needs a companion plant in the garden, and then go to the movies. 

One of my birthday wishes came true today...rain.  I asked for rain for my birthday and I received it.  Thank you God for such a beautiful rain.  I loved it. 

Yes, if you haven't guessed, today was my birthday.  Another year older and we had a huge party on Saturday for me.  Today we went to the movies to see the new Avengers movie and it was really good.  We chose to have a special treat and see the 3xd one.  It was nice.  Then tonight for dinner we hit the local place and I had sugar free German chocolate cake...loved every single bite.  Unfortunately, it did some blood sugar raising.  I have to get back on my regular diet tomorrow. 

I have been sewing lavender sachets and I am running low on my bulk lavender.  I need to make more sachets.  I love the things, they are so easy and they work wonders for drawers, linen closets, anywhere that moths or you need a bit of freshening up.  They smell fabulous.  The best part, to refresh, simply squeeze and I don't use oils on my lavender, it is all natural. 

I have some really cute fabrics for my sachets so, I don't do boring prints.  Some of them are really bright and crazy. 

I love my new sewing machine.  It is amazing.  One thing I did find out is that my niece, is learning to sew.  She is teaching herself with my old machine.  I love it.  I learned to sew on that machine.  She thinks it is great.  She was eyeing my fabric stash and I put my foot down...no, I am not sharing.  I told her that I collected coupons to get that fabric at a reasonable rate. 

I have also been beading.  I love to bead, it relaxes me.  I give my creations as birthday presents.  I am so in love with the Czech druk beads. 

I am still working on the shawl with the 100% silk yarn.  It is coming along slowly.  I find myself dealing with other things and not picking up my knitting.  I think I might try to get a couple of rows done tonight. 

Pictures will follow once I get my camera uploaded. 

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