Friday, May 18, 2012

Beading the Night Away

Tonight or should I say this morning finds me beading.  It really relaxes me when things go right but, tonight, I had an issue and so, I will have to start this particular project over.  Oh well, it happens. 

I just finished reading a book on my kindle about the explosion in New London, Texas in 1937 that killed several hundred children and adults.  It is a sad read but, having never heard of it, I was shocked to see it.  It is a true story.  The book is called, An American Holocaust:  The Story of Lataine's Ring by Kerry Barger. When I saw that title, I had to read the description of it.  I never learned it in Texas history and I think it should be included. 

I finished it tonight and I am moving on to other interesting reads.  Something a little less intense I think.  I have a bunch of books to choose from right now on my Kindle. 

I was going to do some sewing today but, I didn't get around to it.  I came home early from shopping with my sister and niece, I wasn't feeling too hot.  I ate the wrong things and I paid the price.  I came home to cool off since it is freaking hot here already and it isn't even summer.  We are going to suffer this year, I can tell you that.  We already have 90F temps.  Oh joy. 

I am worn out from the meeting last night but, we managed to finish early which was impressive.  All awards were presented and the new chapter officers were sworn in.  I gave the new chapter Regent all of my papers, the rolling bag, and everything in it.  A three year long weight has been lifted off of my shoulders.  :D

If we can scrounge the cash, tomorrow is blackberry picking at a local place and they only accept cash.  So, I called the blackberry update line to see if they were going to be open tomorrow and the answer is yes.  I am ready for jelly.  Homemade jelly with sugar substitute.  No corn syrup at all.  I am not a fan of that stuff and it is completely horrible for diabetics.  I am thinking xylitol is going to be my sugar substitute.  I have the special pectin for it as well. 

We are out of carrots from our garden, we definitely need to plant more next year.  They were nice and tasty.  Gary needs to pull his kohlrabi tomorrow.  I let him know about it.  If it gets any bigger it will get really woody and nasty.  The tomatoes are flowering, I am waiting for them to fruit.  I can't wait for those fresh tomatoes.  Yummy. 

Right now Butterick patterns are on sale at Joann's for a $1.99 each.  Next week Simplicity patterns will be on sale for 5 for $5.  I am waiting for that one.  There are some really cute patterns out these days. 

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