Friday, May 25, 2012

Just Plain Worn Out

I came home yesterday completely worn out.  I woke up tired, I had a bad dream all night long.  It was misery.  This morning, I decided to cheer myself up by making some earrings for myself and a pair of dangly ones for Maribeth, my niece.  This will be her first pair of dangly earrings and they have some purple beads in them so, life will be better.  Purple is her favorite color. 

I want to sit down today and do some much needed sewing but, there is a pattern sale going on that I want to get to.  It sucks that I will have to get into my car and head to  it.  I have done two days of running around with my sister and I wanted today to be different. 

Also, I have lost my taste for sugary cupcakes, they no longer thrill me the way they used to.  It must be because I love the xylitol cookies that I made.  They are tasty and they will not trigger an insulin response the way sugar does.  Sugar just triggers that insulin and I get really sleepy.  I had a cupcake from the hot local spot and the cake portion was dry, over baked and the frosting was too sweet for me.  So, I wasn't happy at all. 

I had to buy a cheap pair of shoes yesterday since my shoes were coated in gas when I was filling Stewie up.  I hit a sale at Payless.  My shoes were 50% off.  I told the lady at the swimming lesson place about them.  I do believe she was going to be headed that way after work.  It is nice to hit a shoe sale. 

Yesterday, we headed over to my brother's house to help my niece learn to sew.  I had given her Hank, Jr, my old sewing machine.  She had the tension screwed up and she had done some other thing to it to where it would not sew.  I had to fix it all.  Then he would sew.  I know she was frustrated and thought she would be able to make a dress after one lesson of sewing from both of us but, it doesn't work that way.  It takes a long time to get it right.  Practice makes perfect. 

I had ordered in a cotton and milk protein yarn and it arrived.  I have a special project planned for the yarn and I am so happy with it.  It is so incredibly soft.  I love it.  No, I am not telling what the project is right now.  It is  going to be a surprise.  :) 

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