Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Researching New Projects

Today I listed all of my hand painted yarns 25% off in the shop.  This is a great time for the Girls of Summer Sale, that is what I am calling it.  This girl, er lady, loves a yarn sale.  I decided to pull one of my complex yarns and use it.  It was calling to me and has been for some time but, I chose to ignore it until today.  I pulled Playtime out of the shop and I will be using it for something special.  I am researching patterns right now to see which one will be the winner after I finish the silk shawl I am working on.  Yes, still working on it. 

I am on the last bit of the one chart of the silk shawl and then two more charts and I am done with it.  So can't wait to finish it. 

I am trying to conquer my ADD project addiction.  I am only working on one project at a time these days.  No more running myself ragged as I try to work on multiple projects at a time.  It is called prioritization of knitting or pk for those of you who don't want long words to deal with. 

Also, I am bound and determined to introduce lace to my family.  I will be knitting lace this year for presents.  Christmas present knitting should be starting soon.  I won't be knitting socks for people.  If you want socks, use the damn looms I gave you.  You know who you are.  If you didn't get a loom, then learn to knit, it will change your life. 

I am not going to rush myself this year, either.  I have to make a hat for a dear friend's son.  I am still thinking about what to do for this special young man, I keep going back to Fair Isle.  I am so thinking it will look awesome on him.  I made his sister a necklace and she loves it.  I know I have been remiss in knitting that hat.  I just have to dye the yarns and go from there.  I need to get my kitchen back into shape.  It is a disaster area right now since we have been cooking at home and eating here instead of our usual restaurant runs.  It is so expensive to eat out all of the time and the price tag at the grocery store is shocking.  It is so completely awful when the cheapest cuts of meat are selling for $12 per pound!  I nearly fell over when I saw that skirt steak price.  It is crap meat as my dad would have said.  They used to throw it out when they would butcher a calf.  Now it is selling for $12 a pound which tells you how damn screwed up our world has become. 

I was trying to grow my hair out so, I could donate it.  I fear it isn't going to happen, I am sick of my hair being so long.  I am ready to cut it off. It is hard to swim with it, since it likes to go everywhere.  I haven't swam in two weeks which is awful on my part but, with a huge infected scratch, that I don't remember getting, it just showed up on me, I have had to stay out of the pool.  Being diabetic sucks since I heal very slowly now. 

I haven't even wanted to ride my bicycle since it is so damn hot outside right now.  It isn't worth the heart attack from the heat stroke.  I am trying to get myself into shape slowly.  I am still eating right and I have discovered that I love xylitol.  Yep, I bought the American made one, Emerald Forest makes it and it isn't Chinese.  I have noticed that more and more products are American.  I love American products and yes, I will pay that extra bit of cash for them.  It keeps our people employed which is what we need. 

I have some flavored syrups for my coffee that are sugar free but, the after taste is deplorable.  How can anyone stand it?  Stevia blows since it has the worst after taste and funkiness about it. 

Now, I am going to go sit, knit and try to finish off the silk shawl.  Yes, I will post pics when I finish it and when I block it.  I hope it turns out really well.  I have had several people tell me how much they love the color.  It is gorgeous and I have two more cones of that yarn in my stash.  I can save it for another special project.  The main goal is to use my stash yarn up or come as near as I can to it.   

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