Monday, April 2, 2012

What a Busy Weekend

Saturday was super busy for me.  I had a chapter luncheon at noon and the usual ladies showed up for it and we had a great time.  One application was signed and made ready to head to National.  Yay!  I am so happy that the lady who will be sending in her app is really nice and will make a great addition to the chapter. 

Then after lunch, I had to run and get cash for our evening out, we were headed to a birthday party in Sealy at 5 pm.  Gary tells me, we are going to be late and I hate being late so, I hit the gas.  I was driving Stewie since Beau needs a front right bearing.  It has to get to the shop this week.  Gary was in the passenger seat playing with his new cell phone.  I was passing people left and right, honking at buzzards eating on the side of the road, and when they heard the roar of my engine, Gary said they were legging it out of there.  I just know, that I was cruising at almost warp speed to get to the restaurant in time.  I got to see people I haven't seen in ages.  My nephew, Aaron came in from Spring Branch, Texas, the other side of Canyon lake near San Antonio, even showed up.  It was nice to see him since it has been literally ages.  I think Meagan's wedding was the last time I saw him, and that was about 2 years ago. 

We made it on time to the restaurant and the birthday girl was late.  Well, dang.  I could have taken a drive instead of speeding like a bat out of hell.  Thank God there were no cops or DPS out there because I would have had one whopper of a ticket. 

Dinner was really nice and we were able to catch up on how the family is doing.  We never see each other much these days since we are all so dang busy.  Gary was gone for two weeks straight for a while and that sucked but, it was work so, we can't bitch about it.  He has a great job and keeps me and the kids in kibble. 

It was such a nice night on the way home, we decided to drop the top, crank up the stereo and take it easy on the way home.  I was doing a little above the speed limit on the way home because lets just face it, I can't seem to go slow.  I love going fast.  The only time you go slow is for funerals and school zones or when the cop is behind you.  Otherwise, I am the one going fast. 

Sunday was yard work again.  We pulled out the pineapple guavas out of the front flower bed since they were literally being shaded to death from our huge oak trees.  So, it was pull them out, chop them up into smaller bundle-able pieces for the trash men.  We then planted in the new rose shrubs that are supposed to grow 7 ft all and 6 feet wide.  They were purchased at Heirloom Roses.  They like shade and will grow nicely for us.  I went ahead and trimmed out the rest of the roses in the bed that needed it.  One of them is a china rose and it is gorgeous but, out of control.  Gary raked the yard and then we went down to Lowe's to purchase a new power washer.  We had a gas powered one that won't run so, it will be going to my brother's house.  He is a whiz with small engine repair and since I don't have time right now, it will be his new toy to mess with.  He gets the book to go with it.  He said he had wanted one but, couldn't afford it.  Well, he gets a new project and a pressure washer.  Gary bought himself an electric one.  Fine by me, he won't have to worry about repairs on the thing. One of the neighbors stopped by and was asking about the bushes that were at the curb.  We told her we pulled them out because they were dying.  She said our yard looked good.  We thanked her. 

We went to dinner and came home, I was headed for the bathroom since dinner didn't agree with me.  He was in there later.  My sugar had dropped and I was feeling raunchy.  That was pretty much it for me.  I was going to swim but, that didn't happen.  I was tired. 

Gary went and got the mail and I had the renewal notice for my driver's license, it can now be done on line in the state of Texas.  No more going to stand in that damn line from hell.  I hate having to go down there.  It is such a freaking hassle.  So, I get the same old bad picture on my license but, who cares because it means that I won't be going down there, which is fabulous. 

Last night, I was sleeping and the phone rang, I was thinking at the time...who died?  It was at midnight.  Melinda was having a crisis.  She said, "Maribeth wants to wear these shoes but, they make her look 26 and I am not ready for that!"  Huh?  I was barely able to answer the phone and she wants to talk shoes?  "Are you near your computer?"  No.  I am sleeping.  "Oh, sorry."  After that, I hung up the phone and that was it.  Then later something else woke me up and I am happy about that since I was dreaming about toads.  Ugh! 

I am trying to get my hair longer than it is right now because I am going to donate it for cancer victims and they need at least 8 inches of length.  I am at 7.5 inches and need that extra bit before I can cut it.  It is about to drive me crazy but, I want to do something special with it.  I thought, it would be a fantastic gift to someone who needs it.  There is no maximum length for donation hair. 

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