Sunday, June 24, 2012

Finished! Yippee!

As you can see by my pictures, Summer Flies shawl is completed.  I pulled it off of the blocking board this morning.  Last night, my hubby, dear wonderful hubby, blocked the points on the shawl for me.  He is such a sweetheart to do this for me. 

Would I knit this shawl again? Yes, in a heartbeat since it is so simple and it turns out looking so fantastic.  I used 3 balls of dk weight yarn.  Each ball had 110 yards on the skein.  I didn't use all of the last ball.  I have half a ball left.  It depends on your gauge and how tight you knit as to the amount you will use.  Just to be on the safe side, get 4 balls of dk weight yarn with 110 yards and if you have one left over, sell it on ebay or trade it on elann.  They have that program on there. 

I love the openwork section of the shawl, it really shows off the stitches.  The butterfly section turned out really well.  My sister said she loved this shawl when I sent her a picture of it.  I have plans to knit it in the worsted weight yarn that it calls for. 

If you are new to lace knitting and you want to get your feet wet with something simple, I would say try this one out.  It is simple enough.  The hardest thing on it would be the picot bind off and you need to know how to do a cable cast on.  So simple, basically, a cable cast on is where you take your needle stick it between two stitches and cast on like you were doing a knitted cast on.  Place the stitch on the non working needle and do another one.  Easy as pie.  If you can do a PSSO, passed slip stitch over, you will be doing aces with this shawl.  There is also the YO, yarn over which is wrapping the yarn around your needle.  Simple and it all turns out really well. 

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