Thursday, June 7, 2012

Knitting for a Fantastic Cause

Calling all knitters...Ravelry group Mitts of Steel is looking for knitters to help them out, they are holding a Ravelympics mitt knitting.  If you wish to join and belong to Ravelry, go see them.  They are giving away prizes if you happen to win.  This is for a great cause, dialysis patients who need mitts to keep their hands warm while going through dialysis.  Just tell them Drooling Over Yarn sent you. 

I am working on my Christmas gift list.  Mostly lace knitting for this special time of year.  No socks this year.  I am not really interested in knitting them right now.  When it gets colder, I will probably make myself a pair or two. 

I managed to get past the first chart of the neck warmer.  I am going slowly on this one.  I have been dealing with other things.  Yesterday I was slightly under the weather.  Today I woke up with a hideous sore throat.  It was incredibly awful.  I am working my way through it.  I might go make a cup of oolong tea and sit back with that for a while. 

I just know I am going out to lunch today.  I have been so good all week.  I am going to raise a little hell today.  I think we are supposed to get some rain.  I hope so.  I have tomatoes that need to set fruit and we need the rain to cool it down around here so, they will.  The cherry tomato likes it hot and has been setting fruit for a while.  The Big Rainbow and the Cherokee purple have not.  I wanted both of those tomatoes to do their business because I really love the flavor of them.  I was so looking forward to them fruiting. 

Good news on the green bean front...I have itty bitty green beans.  yay!  I am so excited because I am a fan of the green bean.  We also have itty bitty cucumbers on the plants.  They are so cute. 

Now swimming today...I am burnt and my body just can't handle more sun right now.  I need a day away from the pool.

If you have nothing to do and are looking for a great project, please go join the Mitts of Steel Ravelympics to help out for a great cause.  Thank you in advance! 

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