Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Two Posts, One Day...It's Gonna Pour!

Summer Flies by Donna Griffin shawl that I am working on.  I used a dk weight yarn made out of cotton and milk protein fiber.  I found it on Elann.  The pattern calls for worsted weight yarn.  I decided to make it in dk weight and I am using US 5 needles for this particular project.  It looks lacy right now but, it will have to be blocked to stretch out the yarn overs to make it pop. 
The original pattern calls for 380 yards of worsted weight yarn.  So far, I am on a second skein of 110 yard yarn.  I started the new skein on the beginning of section 6, the knotted openwork section.  I am thinking that I will need less yarn with the dk weight but, I am not sure, I will post it when I find out. 

I do have plans to knit this again in a heavier weight cotton/wool blend.  I have a yarn that I purchased a couple of years ago on Knit Picks on sale, it is called Main Line and the color is Red Velvet Cake, it is coming out of my stash of yarns. 

I also decided to reknit Haruni by Emily Ross in a sock yarn.  I have several of those and it will be my next project to knit.  I will figure out which one I will be using after I finish this project. 

For those of you interested in the silk shawl, I am being lazy, I still haven't blocked it.  If I feel up to it today, I might get out the blocking board and have at it.  I just hope I have enough space on the board to get it stretched out and blocked to the proper length and width.  I have the biggest board they make and it needs extra space sometimes.  I love that item.  It is a must for any knitter. 

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