Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer Flies an Update

Last night, I was knitting along feverishly, and I had to add on a third ball to the shawl.  So with me knitting it in dk, yes, 330 yards is the least amount of dk weight yarn I would purchase, if I were to knit it again in dk weight.  I am on the last chart and since cotton yarn doesn't stretch or forgive the way wool does, my fingers are completely sore since I have many tiny holes in my fingertips.  I will be knitting the rest of it with bandages on my fingers. 

I was getting very tired of the openwork section but, it looks fabulous.  More pics will follow as I get it finished and then blocked.  My goal for the day, get it finished and off of the needles so, I can start my next project. 

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