Thursday, June 7, 2012

Lace and General Observations

Pea Hen Merino/Silk Sock yarn.

Make Me Blush Sparkly Lace

Playtime Sparkly Lace

The top two photos show off the lace I finished knitting and blocked.  The top one is blurry, sorry.  The second one is finished and pristine.  I love this lace.  That is why I chose to pull Playtime.  The last picture is playtime and it is a work in progress.  I managed to get to the 3rd chart tonight while I listened to it rain.  Ahh, heavenly rain. 

I did even start the work process again.  Several colors came to me and I had to write them down.  Now to find the energy to actually paint that yarn. 
Tomorrow will find me sewing, I have fabric I need to cut out and sew.  I had hit a huge pattern sale and fabric sale last week.  Now, I need to make myself skirts, and pants.  I also want to make some shorts. 
I went grocery shopping with my sister today and we managed to get some good deals.  I am trying to eat more at home than visit restaurants.  That is the goal.  The good news, the price of cherries has gone down...they are no longer $7.98 per pound.  I kid you not.  They are now $3.98 per pound.  I can afford that.  I bought myself a bag.  I had some tonight in front of the tv.  They were tasty.  I had to eat something before I took my fish oil pill.  Yep, I am on those things.  My sister had found some that are lemon based so, no belching that rotten fish taste.  I bought some and I am on my second bottle. 
Tonight Ody drug something in from outside and I dreaded that it was a gecko.  Nope, he had a cricket and he killed it.  I had thought he had eaten it but, no.  So, I had to deal with it.  He gets all proud when he kills something and brings it in.  He really struts his stuff on those stumpy legs.  It is cute but, I really don't want to deal with lizards and the like.  Gary had to grab a lizard out of his mouth one night.  I nearly had a freaking heart attack. 
One of my sister's friends had a freak thing happen to her the other day, she was standing in her front yard out in the country when a buzzard swooped down and grabbed a 4 ft water moccasin and flew off with it, this was right in front of her and now she doesn't want to spend any time in her front yard.  Not that I blame her.  Can you imagine? 
Then I found out that one of my great nieces was in her front yard, again in the country and she spotted a coral snake.  She had enough sense to stop and start screaming bloody murder so, her Dad came over and killed it for her.  Now the really scary bit, they are no longer making coral snake anti-venom.  Apparently, it is too expensive to make.  So, if you get bit, you are going to be in ICU fighting for your life.  Sad. 
Lately, I have been loading my Kindle up with free books.  I get an email each day and it tells me which books are free.  I have over 100 books that I have downloaded and it didn't cost me a cent.  I read through the e-mail and go from there.  Some of them are really good and others...not so much but, I think of it this way, they are free so, I can't bitch.  Click on the free and the link will take you where you will need to go to get your email address signed up to get your free books.  My hubby told me about this site and I am happy he did. 
I am currently reading the new Julia Quinn and yes, I had pre-ordered it.  I love her books, they are really good and most of the time, I find myself chuckling. 
It is thundering and that means we are about to get another round of serious rain.  I am happy about the rain, I just don't want the hail that is accompanying the storm.  My garden won't handle that kind of thing. 
The picture is of my little garden and the huge tomato plants.  Notice the red cages.  I found those at  My oldest sister wanted to know where I found them.  I love the fact that they sell them as a three pack.  It saves the gardener money.  In the foreground, the short little plant is my squash.  I planted patty pan. 
My garden isn't big but, it is sufficient for just the two of us.  If we happen to have extra, we share with family and friends. 

This is the dwarf meyer lemon tree.  The top photo shows how big it has gotten.  The bottom picture shows the fruit on this tree.  We are going to have a huge crop of lemons this year, I think more than this past year.  Gary has already told me to give family members as much frozen lemon juice as I can.  One of my sisters is throwing a big to do and will need copious amounts of lemon juice come November so, we will be getting rid of it that way.  We have two freezers full of frozen lemon juice.  It makes fabulous lemonade.  I have noticed that if you have meyer lemon tastes so good, the regular lemons that can be found in the grocery store, make sorry lemonade.  Completely awful. 
The tree is also blooming for a third time.  It is loaded with fruit and now, it is trying to add more. It is a beautiful tree and Gary had trimmed it back some.  I am to the point where I give people lemons as Christmas gifts. 
It is bed time, Marmies is meowing that she wants to go to bed.  If we don't follow her, she gets down right whiney.  If you can imagine a cat that whines, then you have my calico.  She gets louder, too. 

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