Saturday, August 17, 2013

Running Errands

Today we ran errands and we hit the new farmer's market.  I had been earlier in the week with my sister and loved the prices on their produce.  I managed to get three bags of fresh fruit and veggies plus a chocolate bar for $21.  Today's purchases were only in one bag but, we came home with organic veggies, fresh fruit, and more coconut water and another chocolate bar.  Also, some sunflower kernels and pistachios.  This purchase was $26.  I view them as a cheaper version of W.F. 

We had to stop and get our propane tank refilled, it is cheaper to do that than to actually exchange the tank.  Yesterday,  I went grocery shopping and that was cheaper since I didn't have to buy produce.  I bought the basics. 

Last night, we took the blanket upstairs and measured it on the bed, it needs 10 more rows until it is finished.  I can't wait to finish it.  I am ready for it to be done.  I went ahead and ordered in a new crochet afghan kit.  I had to special order a crochet hook for the new one.  I have never heard of a size 7 crochet hook other than a steel one.  This hook isn't a steel hook, it is 4.5mm hook.  I know, weird size. 

Today I decided to not work on it at all.  I will go ahead and work on it a little bit tonight.  I wanted to take a day away from it and work on something else.  I have the blanket upstairs waiting for me.  I have yarn waiting on me to make something interesting and intriguing with it.  I am thinking smaller shawls. 

I have yarn that I need to paint for the shop, the silk lace weight.  I just haven't found the inspiration I need to do it.  I will probably do that this next week.  I have to take the dog to the vet on Thursday.  He has to go already.  I love putting him in his little harness and leash and he walks to my car.  I put him in the car and he waits patiently on the seat with the a/c on him and then when we get to the vet, he waits for me to open his door and get him out.  He is a good boy.  His brothers, not so much.  Bootsy is constantly needing me to pay attention to him and Napoleon thinks he has to drive the car.  I don't take Napoleon to the vet, the hubby does that job. 

I have to look in my bag of yarn and see what other colors of yarn I am planning in putting into the blanket.  I managed to find 2 more colors that I didn't have in yarn.  I bought those and brought them home to my bag.  If I do finish the blanket and I manage to have partial skeins left then I will make something else with them all.  Probably another blanket.  Nothing too major though.  This one for the bed has been a learning experience on patience for me.  I am not a patient person and that blanket is really making me learn that sometimes patience does have its uses.  I hope to take pictures of the blanket and share with everyone when it is finally finished.  If you are a friend of mine on FB, you can see updates of it all the time.  I take pictures of it on my phone and share with all my friends and family.

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