Friday, August 23, 2013

The Killer Pool Exercise that Works!

 I have a new pool exercise that is tough to do and it hurts when I am finished doing it but, man, it works!  I was perusing one of my magazines, it was one of those health women's ones and I saw this simple looking exercise that involves a pool noodle, aka cheap foam like noodle that will float.  Since I have three of the things for my guests to float around on, I decided to try this exercise out.  It looked amazingly simple.  So, I grabbed my blue noodle and proceeded to do the exercise.  It starts out where I grab the noodle in the middle and then push it down into the water.  Here comes the fun part, then I push my noodle forward into the water making my body, not my feet go forward, it is supposed to look like a push up but, the noodle holds me up and then the hard part, bringing my body and the noodle back to the upright position without moving my feet.  I started out with 4 repeats of this exercise. 

Now, I am up to 7 of these things a day.  I add one more each time I do this exercise.  What am I noticing?  My middle section is firming up.  It is incredibly hard for a woman past 40 years old to lose her belly.  I know.  I am loving this new exercise, a lot.  Not only do I swim for 30 minutes to an hour a day, I am doing this exercise.  I have noticed my core is strengthening from this exercise, too. 

The most interesting thing about this exercise, the hubby tried it and couldn't get the hang of it.  I think it is one of those exercises that women can do but, men can't seem to work out.  It is like the chair move, where you take a chair, place it against the wall, put your head against the wall and lift the chair straight up.  Men can't do it.  Only women can because our center of balance is very different from theirs. 

I am working on knitting hats right now for my charity knitting project.  I have been working with hand spun yarn and it is looking really cool.  I decided to use my hand spun since I am trying to use up as much of my yarn stash as I can.  The hand spun yarn is stretchy.  I love that.  When I finish the ear flaps, I will post pictures of it.  I love the colors in this yarn.  I can't remember if I dyed it or if I bought the fiber.  Either way, it is unique. 

One of my friends has volunteered her time and yarn to crochet hats, mittens, and scarves for the project so, I am still looking for others to help us out.  I will ask the other ladies in the chapter if they would be so kind if they have the time to help us out. 

I hope everyone has a beautiful weekend, if you need rain, I hope you get it, and if you need sunshine, I hope you get a bountiful amount to dry it all out for you.  Since I am in Texas, we desperately need the rain. 

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