Saturday, August 10, 2013

Putting the Miles on the Sky

Lately, I have been going places, my car has wracked up 1000 miles with all the places I have been.  This is a lot for me since for the most part, I just go places around my home and not much travelling.  I think it all started with the road trip to see my sister.  She lives 100 miles away from me.  I had to go deliver figs to her.  I also had to make my annual trek to the cemetery to put flowers on my parents' graves and other family members' graves.  Since my sister lives in the same town where the cemetery is, it was a no brainer. 

Then we went to the water park that I have my season pass to.  It is in the country.  It is cheaper and since it is very family oriented, none of the issues that we would see at other water parks.  Gary took a day off from work and we went to the water park.  Then I went again on Tuesday of this week with my sister, nieces and nephews.  We had fun but, we realized that a whole different atmosphere was happening on that day, it was buy one admission, get one free.  I didn't care since I had my season pass and I get in free.  The people around us were another matter, I don't know if a coupon brings out really sleazy people in other areas but, at this particular place, it was awful.  I had to constantly watch out for people pushing, shoving, being rude, cursing, etc.  This isn't what I normally see at this park.  I was wondering what was going on.  They normally won't tolerate any of this crap and will ask people to leave.  When pretty much the whole place is doing this, I guess they are stuck and can't ask these people to leave. 

We finally managed to wind down our day at the little kids section of the park.  It was nice and peaceful and my 10 year old nephew could scamper about in the water and slide down the smaller slides.  He was happy.  It was nice to just sit and watch him be happy. 

It was so hot out there that we managed to get sunburned even though we reapplied our spf 100 several times throughout the day.  My goal as soon as we changed clothes and headed to our cars was to get the hell out of dodge.  I managed to get back onto the freeway and get myself and one of my nieces home.  We were so happy to be finished with the crap at the park.  Do I want to go back?  Yes, I would love to go back but, I will not be going on a Tuesday for anyone.  No thank you.  Will I get another season pass?  Yep, even the hubby mentioned he would get one as well.  It is so much cheaper to buy one and then go when we can. 

I noticed something interesting right away with my car, it automatically goes to the speed that I have been driving at lately.  Oh my!  I had to look down and slow down since I do not want a hefty speeding ticket.  Just when I think all is well and I am doing the limit again, not so, my car has crawled back to that certain speed. He wants to go fast. 

Am I going any place special today?  No.  I am staying home this weekend and filling the pool with water right now since it is down from our 102.5F temps.  That was what my thermometer said the temp was yesterday in the shade of my back porch.  That is hot! 

I am still working on the blanket and I have added two colors since the orange.  I am also working on my second sock.  The first one went quick but, the second one always goes slow for me.  I am on the foot section right now and looking forward to doing the toe. 

I purchased a microwave on sale for the business.  It is a low wattage but, I don't need 1200 watts of power to paint yarn.  Nah!  It will work although my favorite dye pan won't fit in it.  sigh!  My other pans fit nicely. 

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