Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Fruit Stripe

I decided since I am pretty much not fit to do much of anything other than sleep and watch television, I might as well pass the time more constructively.  I am now knitting a scarf with my yarn, Fruit Stripe, it is a hand painted merino/nylon sock yarn.  I was leafing through Knitted Lace of Estonia by Nancy Bush when I spotted Raha, it is a scarf pattern found on page 64.  I have sock yarn galore and it does call for it so, I found my Addi turbo lace needle case, I have the clicks, which if you can afford them, buy them, you will love them!  The pattern calls for US 4's.  I have no idea where my US 4's are right now and since I feel awful from the explosion of tree pollen, I do not want to go digging for the things.  I am using size US 5's. 
  It is working out nicely.  The pattern is simple lace.  If you can do k2tog, ssk, slip2, k1, p2sso, and yo, you are in business.  Simple really. 

  The yarn is actually darker than my computer shows it.  It is bright and vivid fluorescent colors.  I loved the Fruit Stripe gum as a child and well, I decided to paint those colors on this yarn.  This yarn is fantastic for lace projects, it stretches quite nicely when blocked. 
  I go to it now after completing a lace project with another skein of it.  It shows off the work great! 
Since I am sock yarn queen over here and have copious amounts of it in my stash, I thought why not make something other than socks and the fiasco of last night.  Not going to even go there with discussing that sock project.  Grr! 
I took a nap today and woke up feeling better but, the crud has gone to the lungs, which I knew it would do.  So, I am now nebulizing to keep it from getting worse.  If it doesn't clear up by next week, I will break down and go in for the prednisone. 

I have to get myself feeling better by Thursday since I have DAR that night.  It is our annual book drive for our schools that we service.  We have two that we donate books to each year.  Both are private schools and one is really huge while the other is very small and they love getting books from us.  We try to donate history books for the kids since History is very important and repeats itself. 

I need to go and get two more Easter presents before Thursday night's meeting.  I will be seeing my older sister and I want to get her two boys something for Easter.  I might have to go tomorrow and get their gift cards.  I have found out after trying to guess what these two would like that it is so much better to get them gift cards because they can go and get what they want with them.  They get excited when they get one.  Fine by me, it means I don't have to do anything special for them and get it wrong. 

I did buy a gift card for one of my great nephews and when he opened it, my niece said he was completely shocked and excited, he couldn't wait to go and get what he wanted!  Boys love them.  Girls are easy to shop for.  My niece is simple to please, she loves clothes and chocolate.  Just like her Auntie.  I love shoes, she does too.  She hasn't discovered purses, yet.  Give her time.  She is only 10. 

I miss her this week since I am out of commission and will hope to see her next week.  She cracks me up.  I look at her sometimes because she is a smaller version of my Mom.  I miss my Mom and then I look at my niece, who acts like Mom and it helps me feel better. 

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