Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Stay Away

I am watching the one thing I need to stay away from, QVC.  I love shopping here and then watching David makes me want to eat.  He hosts the best of the foods and well, I admit, I used to drool and order everything this man pitched until the diet changed.  Now, I am watching him thinking, why would I order that?  I wouldn't.  Although, the sugar free Junior's cheese cakes sampler....OMG!  To die for except for the lemon cake...ugh!  They taste fake. 
  I started a scarf and now I am not even interested in knitting it.  Maybe later in the week, I will sit down and work on it.  I love the yarn.  I am using my sparkly lace.  It is my favorite lace yarn to go to. 
  Last night we headed to the warehouse store and we were laughing about the 25 pound bag of confectioner's sugar.  Okay, we don't have a bakery so, we hope to never buy the bag.  We decided to go ahead and buy the membership to help us save some money on groceries.  Meat is cheaper at the place.  I was drooling in the steak department.  I had my hands on the turkey pastrami sandwich meat but the hubby pointed out that I have a hard time eating the deli meat that we have right now.  I only buy 1/4 pound since I am the only one eating it.  He doesn't do sandwiches like I do.  I have the low carb bread. 
  As I explained to the guy at the grocery store, it means a lot to me to be able to have 2 slices of bread versus one slice of bread.  Trust me, if you can't have two slices of bread, you have no idea how big of a deal it is to be able to have 2 slices of bread versus one.  I am so glad that there is the low carb bread. 
  This morning I decided to have myself a cup of decaf.  I have the single cup brewer and I admit, I am in love with their decaf hazelnut.  It is my favorite.  I have some other decaf flavors as well and I am trying to use them up so, I can go back to the name brand site and buy more of their coffee and their rooibos tea.  Love it. 
  I am trying to replace all of my plastic drinking bottles with glass.  I bought some recently and today I went ahead and made some green tea and added it to my glass bottle.  It was nice to have a cool green tea on hand in a glass bottle. 
  I am thinking of brewing more and pouring the tea into the bottles and refrigerating them so, when I want tea, I have it convenient in the fridge.  I drink my tea without any sugar or honey these days, diet changes.  I actually find tea much more refreshing without sugar. 
  I have been looking for a way to use my sock yarn.  I have a lot of sock yarn and well, I think I have come up with a new use for it.  I am going to make shrugs with sock yarn.  I have several nieces and I thought about it today, I can use sock yarn to knit them.  This means I can use up my yarn stash.  That is my goal right now.  I am trying to use up yarn.  I have so much yarn that I am storing it in several rooms.  I know, terrible but, true.  I have bought yarn since day one of knitting.  Now, I am not buying yarn at all.  I am trying to use the stash up. 
  I have had requests for blankets from family members but, right  I am not doing blankets.  I have other projects happening these days.  I like to make blankets during the winter since I can get warm while making them. 
  Now that Spring is around the corner, literally, I am working on smaller items and thinking of what to make with sock yarn.  I will be getting out the Barbara Walker Treasury, and seeing what kind of patterns I can come up with for my shrugs.  I have every single one of her books and if you can get them, buy them.  They are worth every single penny.  I have had my set for a couple of years.  My MIL just recently purchased her set.  She has been knitting way longer than I have.  She mentioned the store where she bought them wanted to buy her set back since they are super popular. 
  My set has sticky notes every where since I am mark what patterns I love and go from there.  They are well loved and used for many projects. 

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