Friday, March 1, 2013

Still Knitting

I have taken a break from crochet.  I am back to knitting and right now I am working on using up some of the sock yarn stash to knit smoke rings.  If you have left over sock yarn and you don't know what to make, a quick smoke ring will use that left over yarn.  They are so easy to knit and if you can knit in the round, you are there.  Just choose your pattern and cast on with the appropriate amount of stitches and go wild. 

I cooked for my hubby last weekend.  I made homemade lasagna with polenta instead of noodles, then I made chicken Marsala, and then on Sunday I made smothered sirloin steak with onion gravy, it is an old family recipe that my Daddy always made for us but, he used chuck steak and to tell you how freaking mixed up our world is, chuck steak is more expensive than sirloin at the grocery store.  I have no idea why.  It is just messed up! 

If anyone needs seed beads, right now there is a killer sale on them at art beads.  They are on sale for $1.00.  I didn't need any so, I didn't buy any.  I know several knitters who love to use them with their knitting.  So, this is a great time for everyone to save. 

We hit a sale tonight on baby back pork ribs, I was at the grocery store earlier today and I picked up 2 and then tonight, we went together after he took me to dinner and we grabbed 2 more packages.  They are in the freezer.  We have to buy them as we can afford them.  Thank goodness that we have a freezer. 

I haven't even painted yarn in a while.  I don't even feel like working right now.

I am working out more and I actually look forward to it.  I rode my bike for 1 hour the other day and my left knee paid the price.  It hurts.  So, I might have to decrease the work out time and go back to 45 minutes per day. 

My doctor wants me to do 1 hour per day since I gained 13 pounds from the holidays. Ugh!  So, I am trying to be good over here and I love my carbs so, this is painful for me.  I am to the point where I buy my potato chips in portion controlled sizes. Yeah, they aren't supposed to be on my diet but, I did find a brand that is 11 grams of carbs.  I have them with my sandwich.  I have the low carb bread. 

We planted the garden again this year.  My veggies are coming up nicely and the hubby has planted tomatoes and since we are supposed to have a freeze tomorrow night.  Great!  We will be covering those tomatoes so, they don't die.  We cleaned out the back bed behind the pool and pulled out the roses from hell and assorted scrub.  The roses from hell are the damask roses.  I had planted one 1 bush and it suckered and turned into 8 bushes.  The thorns on those things were long and needle like.  Okay so, it was a beautiful rose and it smelled divine but, it was awful at the end.  We decided that since produce is out of this world in price, we would grow our own.  I love gardening.  It is so amazing.  Not only does it feel good to grow my own produce but, it is relaxing.  :)


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