Monday, March 25, 2013

My Car is Covered in Oak Pollen

Here we are at week 2 of the allergy crud.  I am still fighting it.  No fever at all, just the crud.  No antibiotics and no doctor trips.  Why, when there is nothing he can give me for it.  I have to rid myself of it.  If I can't get rid of the mucus on my own, then I will go and get the prednisone to dry it all up.  I am tired of it already. 
  I had one woman stop me and tell me that I need to quit smoking sooner or later.  I laughed and told her I have never smoked a day in my life, this is the pollen crud that I have been dealing with.  Everyone around here has it.  I go to the store and I hear the tell tale cough. 
  I am still working on the Raha scarf.  I know why I never knit the things anymore, boring!  It is driving me crazy.  I would rather work on something that keeps my interest not make me want to throw it down and work on something more challenging.  I am sticking to it since it will become someone's Christmas present.  Yeah, I am knitting those already.  Why not? 
  I have plans to knit another shawl or two in the near future.  I have yarn galore in that front, too. 
  I want to knit some hats and cowls for people.  Hats are easy 1 to 2 hour projects.  So simple and typically mindless.  I have several men in the family to knit hats for.  They love them and it doesn't take much to keep them happy. 
  After perusing my Clean Eating magazine, I am looking at trying several of the recipes.  I will have to get rid of a few carb laden items but, I am thinking what I will sub in will work.  If it calls for rice, I sub in either quinoa or bulgur.  I find that bulgur is my go to grain rather than the quinoa.  The quinoa is light and works for soups and other dishes but, I like the texture of the bulgur. 
 I have the omega-3 pasta that is actually lower carbs than regular pasta and that is a once a month or once every 2 months option, not an every day or every week. 
  Yes, I am still eating low carb and I can tell the difference.  I have lost weight, I am still in the current size that I had lost weight to get into but, I am working on getting into a smaller size for the year.   Hopefully, I will lose 2 sizes this year.  That would be so nice.  I would love to be back into my really cute clothes.  I will have to lose more than that should I want to get into my old Levis. 
  I usually have a yogurt for breakfast.  I eat the Greek Chobani and I love it.  The dogs love it, too.  They like to lick the container.  It works out  nicely for recycling purposes, the little one licks it clean, I pick it up, I put it in the recycling tub. 
  After this post, I plan to put on my compression shorts and ride my bike.  I won't be outside for this since it is FREAKING cold out there right now. I was hoping to be able to start swimming soon.  Uh, no.  Mother Nature has put a stop to that right away.  So, swimming will have to wait.  Darn.  Unless I can find my wet suit.  I have no idea where it went to. 
  I need to paint the Spring line up but, I don't want to do it right now. 

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