Sunday, March 3, 2013

One More Time

I have a new computer and I have grown my nails long so, I am dealing with issues that are just about to send me over the freaking edge.  I have tried to blog three times and yep, just when I am really getting into this post, the stupid thing disappears.  Grrr!!!  So, let me try this again. 

We went out to lunch to the fish place and I got the blackened redfish, green beans, and the onion rings.  Love their onion rings, they are fabulous.  They have a mean remoulade sauce that is so damn good.  I love dipping my onion rings in it.  So, on the way home, he asked me to stop at the grocery store since he needed a pain patch refill.  He hurt his back and is in pain.  So, he has been having me put those on him when he needs them.  He says it is helping. I can't deal with the smell of the things.  Ugh! 

I was driving and so, I headed to the store.  We also picked up the ribs that are still on sale.  We have no more room for anything else in either deep freeze.  The big stand alone one is full and the one that is on the refrigerator is packed as well.  If we try to stuff anything else in either one, it is going to start barfing meat at us. 
We picked up 6 items and it was $50.  I am not kidding.  Everything now is sticker shock.  It doesn't take much to drop $50.  Not at all.  I won't even start with the price of gas.  I only have a 13 gallon tank and when it takes me $40 to fill up, that is completely awful.  Hubby's car has a bigger tank and it is worse for him.  We drive my car mostly to leave the big V-6 at home.  I have a turbo 4 cylinder and it gets better gas mileage, or it would if I didn't have a lead foot.  I love going fast.  My car drives better the faster you go in it.  I love it. 

So, I asked hubby what we are going to do today.  He said, not a damn thing.  Okay, this means I get to do what I want.  My plans include working on the smoke ring.  I will have to take pictures of the first two I have done and the one that I am working on right now.  My goal is to use up sock yarn.  I have other projects in mind as well.  I have lace weight yarns waiting for me to use them.  I also have beads waiting on me.  I made a birthday present yesterday for one of my nieces.  I hope she will love it. 

Last night was girls night out at the bead store but, I didn't get to go.  No one was available to go with me.  I would have enjoyed it but, since I couldn't find any one with any cash or the time, I stayed home with my hubby.  Oh well, maybe next time.  It would have been fun to sit with other beaders and go a little bit wild.  :D

I made polenta lasagna last night and the hubby and the dogs loved it.  I am liking that recipe more and more, if you want it, it is on my other blog, it is in the list on the right side.  It is a little bit runny since it is lower carb and I try to use less of the polenta so, use a spoon instead of a spatula. 

Hubby bought me a new computer and he gets a discount since he works for a computer company.  I love the fact that this one was for me.  I guess since I bought him a really nice tablet for his Christmas present, he decided to get me a new computer.  I had bought him a Samsung 7 inch tablet, which after the reviews of 5 stars across the board, I knew it was the one to buy him.  He loves it and he can control the tv with it.  That is impressive.  I told him I wanted one and he bought me this instead, I am not complaining since it is what I wanted.  He told me to choose what I wanted and I chose this one.  I love it, it isn't too big and it isn't too small.  He had asked me if I wanted the 17 inch lap top.  That thing was huge!  No, I didn't need that big thing.  I chose the 15.5 screen.  It is plenty big. 

When we were in the store, I saw a product called, Horny Goat Weed.  I kid you not, I was cracking up laughing in the middle of the store.  It was in the men's section of supplements.  I wonder if it works?!  Can you imagine even buying it?  It might make a great gag gift for a man.  The name alone will make you snicker. 

I have to go to the pharmacy at some point and pick up my asthma meds. 

We have a rapist on the loose over here and he is violent.  Lovely.  He even attacked a woman in her garage with a chain.  What kills me the most, the news isn't even reporting it.  We would like to know about this nut case.  Several ladies are taking the concealed weapons course now, and plan to be armed to the teeth.  Can't say that I blame them.  I was looking for my knife.  I always packed a knife in my purse when I was single.  My sister tells me no more knife, pepper spray is the way to go.  Like hell, I want something to inflict some pain on my attacker!  One of my friends took the self defense course that the sheriff's department gives with the man in the Michelin tire suit.  She said it was a blast.  She said at first she didn't think she could beat the crap out of anyone but, then she said when she got to literally attack and beat the crap out of the guy, she enjoyed it.  I am going to have to suggest this to our chapter Regent and see what she says. 

Hubby is cooking supper tonight, he is making his Mojo chicken.  I found some Mojo sauce at wally world, it is by Goya foods.  I love Mojo chicken and ribs.  Fabulous!  We haven't had it on beef, yet.  It is supposed to be really good.  I just know I cooked last night on my night off so, he gets to deal with it tonight.  I get the weekends off, on cooking.  He usually takes me out some place and I cook the week nights.  I look forward to my weekends off.  :) 

One of my friends tells me her boyfriend does all of the cooking.  I told her to take that man out on the weekends to treat him.  He needs some time away from the stove.  He will love her more for it.  I know, I speak from experience. 


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