Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Stupid Tree Pollen!

Right now I am dealing with crappy allergies.  My nose has been clogged and dripping for some time now and it is unbearable.  So, I have been fighting this crud and then the sore throat started on Sunday.  Misery! 
  I was not taking this lying down.  I decided to get out my whole arsenal of goodies to help me recover.  No fever whatsoever so, no antibiotics and I really don't want to head to the doctor for this since I have everything I need here. 
  I don't know about you but, when I get a cold or the allergies act up, I eat!  I eat everything in my path and yesterday was that day.  I was hungry all of the time.  I managed to slug down tea by the cupful.  I actually emptied 1 and 1/2 tea tins.  Today I will finish that 1/2 tin that is left and my darling hubby will be so happy.  He thinks I have way too much tea for one person.  It comes in handy this time of year.
  I woke up this morning and felt so much better.  I had to stop the sore throat last night, I dread them because they are usually horrible with me.  I grabbed my bottle of honey, the local stuff, and poured myself a tablespoon of it.  It stopped the horrible feeling as soon as it touched my throat.  I was so shocked! 
  I have been nebulizing to keep the crud out of the chest because if it gets into the chest, pneumonia, it is a given with me.  So, I am using my two solutions to stop the problem before it gets there.  I noticed this morning when I woke up, that my chest was starting to get that feeling.  I will be nebulizing today for sure.  I don't want pneumonia with the whole body hurting and the high fever.  Misery! 
  Hopefully today I will be able to get some cat naps in and the dogs will cooperate with me.  The two old boys sleep the day away as it is and the young dog doesn't really mind sleeping when the other two are down.  He is pretty good that way.  He is a monster most of the time but, he is sweet the other 1/4 of the time.  When  the sweetness is coming out, I never know. 
  I have even used one box of tissues up.  I am on my second and last box.  I might have to venture forth to the grocery store today to pick up some saline spray for my nose and the tissues.  I might even go and get some soup from the local place that does that kind of thing, they also do sandwiches which I can't do. 
  If I do have a sandwich, I have low calorie/carb bread here.  It is wonderful to be able to have that second slice of bread.  If you have never had to go without a slice of bread, you do not know what I am talking about.  It is terrible.  So, I found this bread and it works well for me since it has fiber, loads of fiber that I need. 
  Face it kids, fiber is your friend, it is mine!  It doesn't have to be yucky, there is some nice fiber out there these days.  Not the gloppy stuff that was only available until all he baby boomers got old.  They have improved it since the old days. 
  Another thing on my diet I can't live without is yogurt.  I love my yogurt for breakfast every morning.  It keeps me in balance.  My dogs lick out the container.  The Corgi's little jaw is perfect for sticking a yogurt container on as he packs it away.  He licks it clean and it is then ready for the recycling bin. 
  My recycling bin is freaking huge.  We have a new program that the trash company started and I have found out that I am recycling more than I used to.  I find that I throw less away and I recycle more.  It is strange how a massive recycling bin on wheels changed how I recycle. We used to have these smaller rectangle bins that we used.  I never recycled with those.  Now, I have a bin in the house that I use to dump into the huge bin on wheels.  I am amazed at how much I recycle now. 

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