Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Good Swim will Cure it!

This morning, I groggily crawled out of bed, went to find a swim suit and headed out to the back yard to take a nice morning dip in the pool.  I swam laps, did some back work and then dwaddled in the cool water.  Ahhh, it felt amazing!  I am a little sore since I swam laps last night and then dwaddled in the water before coming in for an omelette with fresh cherry tomatoes, string cheese and bacon.  It was tasty. 

Now, I am pleasantly tired and could use a good nap before I start my project du the other half of the family room.  I also need to find the time to clean off the love seat and get it ready for trash pick up.  It is covered in cat pee.  Not a pleasant smell.  We have a bet that if we drag it out there tonight, someone will pick it up. 

We are also selling our elliptical machine.  The goal is to get enough cash for it to pay for the tv repairs.  The repairman took our tv with them last night.  It is going to take 7 to 10 working days for it to be fixed.  sigh!  So, to keep myself busy, I am cleaning my house.  Sad when it is the only thing to keep me occupied.  I new I had to do it before July 2nd when DAR ladies will be invading and it has been ages since I have actually done anything about the place.  One day, I just said, to hell with it.  I should have just grabbed a trash bag and picked up the mess.  Now, I am really having to suffer through it.  sigh!  It all just piles up without realizing how fast. I am also picking up yarn and moving it into big plastic bins. 

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