Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I Won the Nigerian National Lottery!

Today I received notice via e-mail that I won the Nigerian National Lottery...the best part, I didn't even know I was playing.  It just cracks me up thinking that I will give them personal information so, they can rob me blind...I don't think so. 

After a very bad start to my week...I am raring to go to have a better week.  We can only look ahead in our lives...no more looking back. 

I should be knitting but, I haven't done a thing in about 4 days.  I think I am coming down with swimmer's ear.  Just great...I have been using swim ear so, I am hoping this will work.  I have that awful feeling in the left ear. 

I am spinning right now and I love the fiber I am using and plying with.  I had one full bobbin and now I am working on filling another one up before I can ply it with another yarn.  So exciting.  I tell everyone I know that spinning will change your perspective on life and it is very soulful.  There is something wonderful in creating your own yarn.  I can look at it and say, I did it, it was all me.  There is something very satisfying in that. 

The leather cording had broken that was holding both of my treadles so, I had to go shopping to find more cording.  This time around, I chose braided leather cording to hold it all together.  I hope it lasts longer than the other stuff. 

Has anyone else won the Nigerian National Lottery? 

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