Saturday, June 4, 2011

Pneumonia and Sock Knitting

I went to the doctor yesterday because the bottom of my lungs were killing me when I coughed.  Gary insisted I go and get checked out.  I went in and my doctor wasn't in so, I saw his partner and I must say, she is very thorough.  She checked me out and found out that my cold had developed into pneumonia.  Here I thought I was safe since I had the pneumonia shot last year.  Think can still get pneumonia even though you have the shot since it only covers one version of the bacteria, not all of them.  Oh great and dandy!  So, I came home with samples of my antibiotic and I was given several prescriptions for inhalers and for nebulizer solution for my machine.  I was almost out of that.  I had been hitting it pretty hard. 

I was glad she gave me samples of my antibiotic since the antibiotic tends to run on the expensive side.  I couldn't even imagine.  I have a full course of antibiotics for this crap.  Let me tell you about this particular antibiotic, I have to eat a lot of yogurt since it kills off all of the beneficial bacteria in my intestines.  Trust me when I say, you don't want to have to sneeze or cough on this creates a nasty incident and you have to sprint to the toilet.  It is better than super lax. 

Gary went to the grocery store after lunch and picked up more chocolate for helps a little bit and another tub of the Greek yogurt I love.  I have the huge tubs of the stuff.  He also loaded me back up on cottage cheese.  I love small curd full fat cottage cheese.  My dogs love it, too. 

Tonight for dinner I made a frittata, I used the fresh green beans out of the garden, two fresh okra pods straight off of the plant, some broccoli we had in the fridge along with some squash he had picked up from the previous grocery trip.  I also used up the kielbasa we had left over.  The dogs had the last one, divided up into three.  I used the last of the fresh cherry tomatoes as well.  They were fabulous in that dish. 

I told him we would make another one when I had more veggies ready.  We enjoyed it.  It is a nice dish to make if you have the fixings and you don't want to make a huge meal because it is so freaking hot.  I will have to send it to my nephew, he has a garden as well and I know he and his family would love it. I have to ask him if his okra is producing the way mine is.  :)
So, since I am pretty much not supposed to go outside because the sun will rip my hide right off of me, I have to stay inside.  I get really tired since I can't breathe.  If I don't get better this next week, then I have to have my chest x-rayed and she said that we would go from there.  I am feeling better but, I don't want to have to get a chest x-ray.  I have the order for one, should I need it. 

I decided to go ahead and finish my socks...they are done.  I am so happy about that and I will be washing and blocking them tomorrow.  I have started on another pair tonight.  I am trying to decide who will benefit and get the next pair.  I have a huge birthday list coming up in July.  It seems everyone has a birthday in July in this family.  It is the one month that will break me.  Seriously.  Way too many people were born in that month. 

This year for Father's Day, the kids bought Gary a robe.  A nice waffle weave Turkish cotton bath robe.  I hated the old one he had and I plan to trash it as soon as I get the new one in for him.  Since Gary does so many wonderful things for me and the kids...all 6 of the 4 legged kids...then he gets a new bath robe in the style he loves.  I have already let him know that the kids bought it for him.  I guess he is excited about it, but, I am not sure. 

Last night, I finally was able to get some much needed sleep.  I have been walking around in a daze and just plain tired.  It helped me so much.  I was happy when I woke up this morning.  I had been trying to sleep for two days and nothing.  I would finally get to sleep and the wake right up hacking.  So, I slept last night and woke up at 10:30 am.  It was nice. 

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